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Women Who Buys Underwear For Their Men

Posted by Dude Undies on

Shopping is every girl’s expertise. It seems like the ability to shop and find the best deals are imprinted on every girl’s DNA. Those who dare to admit how they sexualize a male physique wouldn’t dare deny buying underwear for their men to wear.

Husbands, boyfriends and even regular sexual partners are not the only underwear givers of the modern times. There are women out there who express their affection and naughty hints by giving their partners their choice of intimate pieces.

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Why women gift men underwear?

If it is not an intimate relationship, a woman giving a man an underwear is probably a hint to take it to the next level. If not, simply she idolizes Ellen Degeneres and loves to give underwear to men.

Seriously, it all depends on the type of current relationship and the type of underwear gifted. Anything beyond traditional boxers, boxer briefs and briefs may possibly be aimed to flirt. If it’s a sexy lace piece, then no doubt, she is one hella naughty girl.

Women shops a lot and that means if they find something that excites them, even if it is you who will wear it, they might buy it.

For any guy who wish to explore and understand the naughty corner of their girl’s mind, asking them to buy a sexy underwear for them would definitely up the sexual game to another level.

But ladies, no need to wait for the boys to make the move. Simply gift him something you would want to seem him wearing during your intimate moments. It can make your man feel more wanted more than feeling objectified. Your naughty desires count as well, just give it a try.

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On the practical side of things...

Women loves to shop for men’s underwear simply because men seems to not have time for it. In most relationships, it is the girl who notice the old boxers who served their purpose beyond their time. Naturally, women understands the need to replace more than men often do.

It is natural for women to notice matters involving hygiene in intimate relationships and they may not say it out loud and just surprise you with a few fresh pairs.

On the sexual side of everything...

Women buying sexy men’s lingerie is becoming more popular. Jokes aside, it appears that intimate relationships are now equally open on both ends when it comes to eroticising their partner’s body. Women are now inclined to express their sexual desires when it comes to fabrics, designs and intimate pieces their partners wear. 

What once was an act only licensed to men has now become a trend among women as well. This gave rise for more men’s lingerie being produced by popular brands to motivate more women to express their sexuality.

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