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Every Inch of Andrew Christian Model Pablo Hernandez Naked

Everyone on the internet seems to love Pablo Hernandez naked. It isn’t surprising how many would fall for Pablo Hernandez. His Andrew Christian underwear photos can make easily make anyone happy, what more his all-out pics. Everyone must have seen every inch of this hunk. From controversial Cam4 gang bangs to his provocative vines. And yes, [...]

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Top 5 Gay Underwear You Should Wear on a Date

Let us not pretend that dating does not lead to bedroom fun. Well maybe for conservative people it doesn’t. However, I might need to check my binoculars to spot them. They are like endangered birds that comes only once in a long while. I don’t think anyone would argue since anyone conservative must not read this [...]

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Top Underwear Brands for Daring Men – Sexy, Erotic, Hot and Intimate

Daring underwear has gone out of kink shops. You can find daring men’s underwear in the mainstream market. Nonetheless, with the abundance of substandard “makes” being sold, it is hard to get hold of underwear for the daring men that would last.Moreover, the big question is why would you need one?There is nothing wrong with [...]

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The 5 Underwear Every Guy Actively Dating Must Have

When you are single and sexually active, underwear’s purpose goes beyond the basic. It is not simply for protection, support and hygiene of your crotch area. It becomes the tiniest item you wear the makes a huge impact. Just try to imagine going on a date and wearing your 5-year-old boxers, chances are, you would either [...]

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Women Who Buys Underwear For Their Men

Shopping is every girl’s expertise. It seems like the ability to shop and find the best deals are imprinted on every girl’s DNA. Those who dare to admit how they sexualize a male physique wouldn’t dare deny buying underwear for their men to wear. Husbands, boyfriends and even regular sexual partners are not the only underwear [...]

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Shopping Underwear For Men Is No Easy Task

With the seemingly endless list of brands, styles and materials to choose from, men’s underwear shopping can be a daunting task. For this reason alone, most men resolve to just picking what they are used to wear leaving no room to explore other designs, materials and brands. Online shopping changed the game, making it easier for [...]

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Men’s Mesh Underwear - Why Wear Them?

Speaking about men’s mesh underwear, why would you choose to wear them? Well if sexy isn’t enough reason next to comfort then read on and find good reasons why mesh underwear makes a great choice. 1. Comfort and Hygiene Do you often sweat? Sweating is notoriously known to cause body odor and during those seasons when [...]

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Dude Undie's Sexy Justin Woodcox

When we released the Dude Undies Ambassador Program almost a month ago, the very first person to respond was Justin Woodcox, a sexy dude from downtown Orlando. There is no denying that Justin's Instagram is steaming hot bulge-boasting pics of him in an underwear to some regular selfies showing his handsome face. The day Justin posted a selfie of him wearing one [...]

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Hot! Our Upcoming Dude Undies Brand Ambassadors

Since we launched the Dude Undies Ambassador Program we are thankful for positive responses from dudes who are thrilled to be a part of it. Today, we are announcing three of our top picks to help strengthen the social media presence of Dude Undies.The Sizzling Hot Justin Woodcox Justin looks like one of those guys who knows how to turn up [...]

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​Men in Underwear on Social Media: Sexy or Too Much

Facebook and Instagram is notoriously famous for making selfie a part of our global culture. From simple selfies while dining or drinking your favorite frappe at Starbucks to selfies boasting hard-earned toned muscles at the gym. And we are most certainly caught up with this trends. Some people draw the line, some people, ignores the line. Should there be a [...]

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