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Color Me Sexy: Dude Undies Colorful Men’s Underwear

Posted by Dude Undies on

From multi-colored briefs to artistic prints, men’s underwear has indeed evolved compared to the days when men are expected to wear only plain colored underwear. What is it about colorful men’s underwear that makes it look so sexy? Well for one, the playful prints can be used to give contour to your package and give it more definition. Most colorful briefs and boxier briefs give emphasis playing with great colorful fabrics to enhance pouch area.

Of course, colors are a great way to express creativity and fun personality. Nowadays, the underwear prints in the market are not only colorful but offers beautiful designs.

Colorful waistbands that comes in metallic and neon are also dominating the market as it continuous to be made more popular by celebrities. 

In all honesty, what can be sexier than a glimpse of a colorful boxer brief waistband on a loose denim. A thong perhaps! But that’s another topic!

Let us go through timeless colorful men’s underwear currently in the market.

1. JOR POP Underwear and Swimwear

JOR is among the current popular underwear brands that never fails to impress delivering well designed colorful men’s underwear.

No doubt of JOR’s rising popularity among the activewear market competition to provide sporty men their sexy underwear needs.

Well, who wouldn’t want a pair of JOR to workout with, from the waistband to the bottom of the pouch JOR puts emphasis both on design, comfort and durability.

As a leading underwear and activewear manufacturer, JOR delivers new colorful boxers and boxer briefs that will definitely compliment your bulges and anatomy.

DudeUndies has the best of JOR collection at the best price.

Check out current JOR collection here.

2. Candyman Underwear

Candyman is another very popular brand for those who are looking for sexy men’s underwear and those who are looking for naughty underwear.

Candyman underwear is built to last with colors that stays vibrant even after so many washes. 

Their colorful underwear collection range from daily sexy, sexy hot to sexy kinky and thematic. The choice is up to you.

Click here for the current Candyman collection in DudeUndies.

3. Clever Underwear

Clever is among the men’s underwear brands who manufactures the best in terms of bringing enhanced pouches to give room and definition for your package.

Their boxer briefs can come with practical designs that are classic and colorful. 

The prints shown in the images below are suitable for men who doesn’t want to go overboard in choosing printed underwear. 

Some of these are the type that you can wear under a formal and casual attire.

Click here to view complete Clever collection at the shop.

4. Pikante Men’s Underwear

If you add daring to sexy and hot you will formulate the word PIKANTE.

Pikante’s collection are more on the naughty side, well, most of it. 

But this underwear manufacturer also has awesome collection of colorful briefs and boxers that don’t really always flaunt the package.

But there is really nothing wrong with their awesome colorful thongs, if you have it flaunt it!

If you are looking for an edgier underwear, you must check out the following and click here if you want more!

5. PPU Colorful Briefs and Jockstraps

PPU has one of the best collection of colorful and trendy boxer briefs and briefs. 

Don’t forget to check out their jockstraps as well. The brand is being praised by a lot of people because of the comfort, design and durability.

One thing that is really catchy about PPU briefs and boxer briefs is the design of the waistband. 

It’s that thing that can really shift the focus to your package and keep anyone longing to see what is in it. 

Click here to view full DudeUndies PPU collection.

6. Ergowear Boxer Briefs

Is it bulge enhancement you were looking for? Ergowear won’t fail you. 

From great pouches that gives your package enough room while giving it a more defined contour, 

Ergowear is also known for manufacturing colorful underwear with great color combinations with emphasis on the area that matters most.

If you are looking for more package friends pouches, check out other Ergowear designs here.

7. Manview Sexy and Colorful Briefs

Manview underwear is made of high quality materials designed to make sure that your delicate and manly area is secured in comfort. 

Manview’s idea of colorful design will fit anyone who is looking for a daily wear, active wear or naughty and action.

Click here to check out more from Manview!

Be Colorful Within as You Are Without

Don’t be afraid to show the world your true colors. Colorful men’s underwear are trendy and it does cost the same as the plain ones so why not experiment a little and add those loud greens and oranges in your underwear drawer.

Click here to view all the underwear brands carried by DudeUndies.

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