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The Sexiest Men’s Underwear – Jockstraps and Thongs

Posted by Dude Undies on


Anyone who says that jockstraps are not sexy has to be someone who holds no appreciation for the male anatomy. There is so much about men’s body that has to be appreciated just like when women are praised.

The bulges and the buns are one, and what other kind of underwear other than jockstraps can really boast those two? Well, the thong – but let us save that for later.

Jockstraps were initially created to build support for the crotch area for athletes. Over time it has evolved into becoming one of the sexiest men’s underwear. I swear, there is nothing wrong wearing it for daily, whether or not you are looking for action. Of course, there are some designs that yet has used for “extra special” occasions.

However, jockstraps like below can be used as daily wear if you wish to give support to your package while keeping your rear clear.

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I guess what keeps jockstraps sexy is the athletic attribute that it gives the wearer, both men and women love to look at athletic sculpted thighs and butts. Then comes the question, “what if you don’t have an athletic body?”

Well then, all the more you should wear it to give you the athletic look. You see it’s all about visuals and comfort. You’d be surprised how comfortable jockstraps are and what it can do to your self-confidence when you undress to impress.


Now we come to the next section, what is that other underwear sexier than a jockstrap? The thong. Thongs looks great on women and they look even better for men who wish to express his sensual sexuality.

I guess there is more expression in men’s thongs than in women’s. One thing notable is that men thongs can be hybrid from a brief or a jockstrap or lacey lingerie. Well the choice is yours.

There are a lot men who tried thongs and never go back to their usual boxers, not only because of the aesthetics that it provides or boost their sexuality to 300%. But because thongs provide comfort and support that you need, depending of course on the design and make.

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If you haven’t yet tried thongs and wonder if they are right for you. All you have to do is try it. There may be a lot of women against their men wearing thongs, but those are the minority who cannot appreciate a man’s bun and package of fun.

What about cock socks?

Cock socks are of different breed, if you want to go sexier than jockstraps and thongs, then go for Pikante’s Collection of cock socks that will not only boost your bulge but truly define it and boost your sex life instead. It can go from sexy to kinky – but as we all know and have to admit, sexy and kinky is relative to individuals.

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