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Undress to Impress: Sexy Men’s Underwear

Posted by Dude Undies on

Men’s underwear has come a long way. As we yet end another year, no one can say what’s next for men’s underwear fashion. The underwear market has boomed with plenty of sexy underwear designs that are not exactly created for fetishes or anything that evokes sex. A man has to be sexy within as without to be able to impress when they undress, but most importantly it has to be comfortable especially for men with active lifestyle.

The following collection of sexy men’s underwear will fit both the naughty and shy lifestyles who wish to undress to impress:

1. Sexy men’s bikini

Well-designed bikinis offer great support for your sexy boy down there as well as give you coverage on areas that matter most.

Some people think that bikinis cannot be worn at work, but that is just wrong in many ways. There are bikini designs that offers both cover and support. While making sure you get 2 thumbs up when you undress to impress.

The PetitQ Antony Bikini is hot and breathable, it can look nice with any body type and best of all, it screams sexy while offering coverage.

Click here for more sexy men’s bikinis.

2. Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs can be classic or ultra-sexy, or both. Boxer briefs that have package boosting pouches will definitely impress anyone when you undress. Today, some boxer briefs still provide the traditional comfort and coverage but are designed to look sexier and playful.

Is it only a gay thing? Definitely not! Women enjoys men who wears boxer briefs that are trendy and sexy at the same time.

JOR Art Boxer brief is anatomically designed to fit every man who wish to undress to impress.

Click here for more men’s sexy boxer briefs.

3. Sexy Men’s Briefs

Briefs doesn’t have to be boring and white. A lot of top underwear brands now manufacture briefs that are designed to not only provide support but designed to contour for comfort and emphasis on bulges that matter.

When it’s the sexy look you are looking for choose sexy men’s briefs that goes with a great waistband and colorful fun designs. Just like the Clever Carioca Latin Brief , athletic and sexy.

Click here for more sexy briefs.

4. Jockstraps

Jockstraps are among those underwear that is quite controversial, is it really made for comfort and not evoking sex? Well that depends on your choice, but clearly, jockstraps are sexy and its can raise the temperature of any room when you undress to impress.

Surely, PPU Boxer Jock strap provides great coverage for the area that needs to be held in place, but gives fun bun view at the rear. No doubt this is something that can be worn during activities and be comfortable, while “activities” can be shifted to – action!

Click here for more sexy jockstraps.

5. Thematic Men’s Underwear Costumes

From birthdays to Christmas, what else can be more impressive when you undress than an ensemble that speaks about the event?

Men’s underwear that are made for special occasion can really turn an occasion extra special. Whether you are celebrating holidays or just want to surprise someone with a fireman themed underwear, you will never fail with sexy underwear costumes.

Click here for more underwear costumes.

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