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10 Things You Should Consider When Buying Sexy Male Underwear

Posted by Dude Undies on

When we asked some people about what makes sexy female underwear recently, most of them appeared to have a clear idea. But when asked about what makes sexy male underwear, many drew a blank.

We think the reason nobody seems to have a handle on what makes sexy male underwear is that most people don’t really find men’s underwear sexy. Many would say it’s all about the man. They don’t know what they’re missing. A man’s sexiness could shoot through the roof if he wore the perfect underwear for him. But how do you make the best choice?

Here are some expert advice.

1) Make Sure It Enhances Your Bulge

We’ve said it several times already, but the capacity for men’s underwear to enhance the wearers’ bulge is so important that it couldn’t be stressed enough.

Sexiness is a state of mind. You’ll look sexy so long as you feel sexy. It’s all about self-confidence. That’s why some people look amazing in virtually everything.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, nothing could make you feel sexier than wearing sexy clothes. For men,  bulge-enhancing underwear will do the trick.

Here are the two most important things to look for in men’s underwear to make sure it could enhance your bulge.

a) Good fit . Underwear must hug the wearer’s body to enhance his bulge. It can’t make his package stand out otherwise. But that doesn’t mean it will be okay if it’s tight. It will be uncomfortable to wear if it’s too snug, hindering you from strutting your stuff.

b) Appropriate design . Underwear must also have a simple design to enhance the wearer’s bulge. By simple design we mean it shouldn’t be distracting. Take prints for example. Prints do nothing in this case but draw attention away from the wearer’s package. Your boys should be the star of the show, not your underwear. But that doesn’t mean you should settle for plain underwear. Spice things up but still keep the spotlight on your boys in underwear with an eye-catching color, like red.

2) Make Sure It Fits You Well

There’s more to knowing the underwear you’d pick fits you well than making sure it enhances your package without making you feel uncomfortable. You should also make sure that the garter fits, the underwear itself doesn’t choke your thighs, and it falls on both just right. Doing so ensures you could move freely and do your thing.

3) Make Sure It Shows the Right Amount of Skin

There’s nothing as sexy as revealing just enough. That’s why many men think women are more attractive in bikinis than their birthday suits. Men could make themselves sexy without taking off their underwear by wearing low-rise underwear, which enhances their abs’ appearance, or  men’s bikini underwear, which showcases their well-toned thighs and glutes.

4) Make Sure It Provides Ample Support

Many would say that a man’s glutes is the second sexiest part of his body. If you want to show off yours without showing them, wear underwear that lifts them up. If you think you’re lacking in that department, wearing underwear providing such support makes your glutes look fuller and sexier.

5) Make Sure Its Color Suits You

The color of your underwear could make—or break—your look. If it’s too loud, you’ll look tacky. If it’s too plain, you’ll look boring.

Apart from the rest of your ensemble, the color of your underwear should complement your skin tone. If you’re fair, wearing dark colors, like royal blue, will make you look even fairer. If you’re dusky, wearing bright colors, like red, will highlight your complexion.

6) Make Sure It’s Stylish

Most of the underwear you’ve ever worn are boxers and briefs, aren’t they? You won’t impress anyone if you keep it that way. There are so many different styles you may choose from. Take the time to explore and we’re sure you’ll find the sexiest underwear for you.

7) Make Sure You’ll Be Comfortable in It

There are virtually as many trends in men’s underwear as the available underwear themselves. While we did say you should check out as many underwear as you could, you shouldn’t try them all out. Not all of them will suit you. Try out the ones that make you feel comfortable instead. Better yet, try out the ones that make you feel great. The better your underwear makes you feel, the better you’ll look in them.

8) Make Sure It Suits Your Personality

If you’d feel comfortable in any kind of underwear, narrow your options down based on your personality. If you do, you’ll find the underwear that complements what you’re all about. You’ll love wearing it, making you feel great and sexy in it.

9) Make Sure It’s Durable

Don’t focus on looks when buying underwear. You should also make sure it’s well made. It will age and fall apart in just a few months otherwise. No matter how much self-confidence you have, you won’t look sexy in old and sad looking underwear.

10) Make Sure It Breathes and Stretches Well

Underwear shouldn’t feel like a chastity belt when worn. It should breathe and stretch. Quality underwear provide ample ventilation and won’t warp easily, ensuring they’ll remain in good condition for many months if not years. Such underwear is sure to look great for a long time, so you’ll look amazing in them for just as long.

To Wrap Things Up

No matter how sexy you feel already, you should use all the available tools to make yourself even more attractive. Don’t you want people to find you irresistible instead of just attractive?

Given the above tips on choosing the sexiest underwear for you, we’re sure you’ll find them and have people swooning all over you in no time. So, what are you waiting for?

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