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11 Reasons Why Men Should Start Wearing Thongs

Posted by Dude Undies on

Not only are thongs for men now easy to come by. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. But not all men wear thongs. Some think it’s weird. Some think it’s uncomfortable. Some think only women should wear thongs. Actually, men will gain a lot from wearing thongs regularly. Don’t think so? Here are 11 advantages of wearing men’s thongs.

1) You'll feel incredibly sexy

Think thongs for men are unnecessarily skimpy? Think again. There are several purposes to the design. For starters: feeling such underwear so close to your body will be an erotic sensation that could make you feel sexier. It’s similar to the feeling women get while wearing tight dresses. The sexier you feel, the sexier you’ll look.

2) Your sex appeal will shoot through the roof

Not only can thongs make you feel sexier. They can make you look sexier themselves. They’re designed to let you showcase your goods. Not only do they enhance your bulge, they let you flaunt your derriere. Letting it all hang out with confidence is sure to bring the house down.

3) Eye candy for your loved one

No underwear lets you show as much skin in such an inviting way like thongs for men. If you wear one to the bedroom, your partner will get a great show whether you’d give a performance, keeping things exciting, ensuring your sex life is amazing.

4) It’s great for foreplay

But why stop there? Why not actually give your loved one a show? You could role-play as a go-go boy. It will be a surprise that could make your loved one go wild.

5) It’s the best motivation to work out

Don’t think you could pull off a show? Not as ripped as Jason Momoa? Don’t sweat it. Wearing a thong regularly will motivate you to get fit. You’ll always see the rooms for improvement, ensuring you’ll stay focused, greatly improving your chance of success.

6) It will feel surprisingly comfortable

To keep tabs on your progress, wear a thong every time you work out. Don’t worry; it won’t feel awkward. It will feel quite cozy. Not only will it keep you feeling cool and fresh, it prevents you from getting a wedgie. The back’s made of little material, so there’s virtually no chance it will bunch and ride up.

Over time, you’ll get so used to wearing thongs that it will feel as if you aren’t wearing anything down there, making you feel even more comfortable.

7) It will provide your boys excellent support

But don’t think thongs for men can’t provide your boys good support. They’re actually designed to provide great support. Take note of how their fronts are usually triangular and attached to a relatively thick waistband. Like a hammock , they let your boys rest safe and snug.

8) It makes laundry a cinch

Men’s thongs are so small compared with most other men’s underwear that it won’t take much effort and time to wash and dry them, making it virtually effortless.

9) It’s good hygiene

Men’s thongs’ relatively tiny design doesn’t only make laundry a breeze. It also helps you stay clean, healthy, and well.

Men’s thongs have little fabric where bacteria may get trapped, so as long as you always wash yours thoroughly, wearing them regularly puts you at little risk of infection.

10) You could get a great tan

Men’s thongs’ size also lets you get that stunning sun-kissed glow. There will be little fabric between your skin and the sun ray’s (or that of a tanning bed), ensuring you’ll skin will glisten like polished bronze.

11) It’s exciting

Did you know that many women wear sexy underwear even on a regular day? It’s their naughty little secret that makes even a dull day interesting. But if they get lucky, they’re ready. Knowing this makes things even more interesting. You’ll enjoy yourself the same way if you wear thongs for men regularly.

To Wrap Things Up

There was a time when thongs were only made for women, but that time is long gone. Thongs may now be enjoyed by everyone. But that doesn’t mean there’s little difference between thongs for men and thongs for women. Men’s thongs are designed to give men several benefits, making them must-haves.

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