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5 Reasons Why Men’s Underwear is the King of Gifts

Posted by Dude Undies on

Underwear is the perfect perennial gift for men. It’s a versatile gift that can go from classic to naughty or sexy to ACTION. It never fails to put a smile on someone’s face and that mental image that can connote pure honest care without malice while being fun. 

But gifting someone special to you with something naughty, can send their blood boiling for desire and passion. 




We have collected the top 5 reasons why men’s underwear is the king of gifts all year round.

1. It is a practical gift

It is a practical gift that says, “I care for you, (to bits - literally).” Depending on who you are giving it to, classic underwear can be a great gift to your dad, friend or colleague.

While of course, the sexy underwear is best given to a close friend you know loves to have fun. It’s a practical way of saying, “I love you and your lifestyle.” A gift that sure will be put into GOOD use.

2. It speaks of intimacy

No brainer here, what else can be more intimate than giving someone an underwear? A sexy underwear to be clear. For ages, women have been given sexy lingerie to express intimate thoughts. 

But not until in the recent past has the society been more open to buying something sexxxy and fun for a man. It goes against objectifying a person, its more than that. 

An underwear you pick for someone special can mean so many intimate details of how you truly feel.

3. Crossing over the friend zone

If you are liking a friend and has been in the “friend zone” for a long time, it may be hard to crossover and just admit your feelings. 

Let’s be honest, the more you know the person, the harder it gets admit romantic feelings. But with an underwear as a gift, you can overcome this romantic dilemma. 

It’s the bridge you have been waiting for to cross the friend zone. Need ideas? Here are 4 to choose from.

CandyMan Cupido Brief

Clever Bishop Latin Brief

Clever Samba Brief

ErgoWear Trio Brief

Click here to view brief gift ideas catalog.

4. Affordability

Men’s underwear is something that is practically useful and at the same time can look fancy but affordable. A great gift that can warm someone’s heart, that’s if you choose something classic.

But if you want to boil someone’s blood (the fun and good way) and remind them how special and sexy they are, nothing beats the thongs and costumes. The examples are below to give you an idea of how to affordably excite someone:

Click Here For More Affordable Gift Ideas

5. Thematic gift ideas

Some underwear has become thematic now. From the classic daddy undies to the hot santa or animal lover collections. It is an awesome way to add fun to any occasion. We have evolved to using underwear for its primary purpose only. Sometimes the attributed themes to it adds passion, fun and emotions both to the giver and the receiver.

Thematic underwear for men does is the best way to celebrate any timely occasion with your partner or next possible hookup. 

brands-by-dudeundies.pngView all the available brands.

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