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5 Types of Men Underwear

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If you’re a man in the market for new underwear, you could be forgiven for thinking you only have a few choices. Men generally don’t have the most options when it comes to garments in general. But the truth is men have plenty of options for their underwear. Five of the most popular are listed below.


For most of us, our introduction to underwear came from briefs. They’re the traditional form that has sort of become the standard all of over the world. Briefs come in a number of different styles, but all of them offer complete coverage for your backside and package. However, your upper thigh and the side of your leg are left exposed, meaning they’re comfortable to wear with just about type of garment.

Many men continue to wear briefs their entire lives because they appreciate the added support. They’ll contain everything to one place without using unnecessary amounts of fabric. Still others prefer briefs that give them a little extra added lift in their package.

Boxer Briefs

Another very popular form of underwear for men is boxer briefs. Most men start with briefs and then eventually move on to this type. Usually, a boxer brief will cover from your waist to the midpoint of your thigh. However, many versions today stop at about a third of the way down.

Because they have a looser fit (aside from the waist band), boxer briefs are great for working out as they guard against chaffing. But nowadays, men wear boxer briefs with everything from gym shorts to jeans to slacks and more.

Boxer briefs provide complete coverage, though perhaps a little less support than briefs. They certainly don’t offer any options for lifting.


Although the above two might also be the top two choices for men’s underwear at the moment, you might see that change in the very near future. That’s because trunks are rising in the ranks as they continue to gain favor with men looking for something to wear other than briefs and boxer briefs.

Trunks are a hybrid version of boxer briefs and briefs, which is why they’ve found so much popularity so quickly; many men just weren’t happy with either choice.

But what exactly does this mean? It means trunks are a shorter version of boxer briefs that fit a bit tighter too. Your package is still given plenty of breathing room, probably more than with briefs in fact, but it’s much snugger than with boxer briefs. Trunks have a more square like appearance due to their lack of extraneous fabric.

Trunks can be worn with anything.


Another very popular form of underwear for men is the basic boxer. Boxers are the loosest fitting of the options so far. They offer the most breathability amongst undergarment options, but absolutely no support. Traditionally, they come with an open fly at the front too or one with a button to close it.

Boxers offer a diverse array of options in terms of designs and styles. Some appear very old-fashioned—the type of thing you might imagine your grandfather wearing that almost reaches to the knee. However, more versions these days offer sleeker fits and appear more like trunks or boxer briefs.

Although boxers can be worn with anything, the type you buy will have the most to say about that. For example, if you want really baggy boxers, you’ll need to wear pants that are equally baggy. Otherwise they’ll bunch up on the inside.


Jockstraps are the domain of men who need them for athletic endeavors. Obviously, many men wear them with a cup depending on the sport they’re playing. However, others might wear them if they simply have really tight pants. Bicyclists often wear jockstraps because their snug fit doesn’t interfere with bike shorts.

While they lack any fabric for your backside, jockstraps do provide plenty of support and protection in the front. Many versions will give some lift, too, away from the body so you get a wear that’s dryer and cooler than with other versions. Most versions come with two straps of fabric that run over the back of the upper thigh, right under the buttocks, to keep the garment up.

So the next time you need new underwear, expand your horizons a bit. The above options are available in any size and a number of fashions so you’ll be sure to find exactly what you want.

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