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A Brief Encounter: Discussions with a Sexy Dude

Posted by Dude Undies on

What can someone write about underwear that people actually read? Debunking the myths enveloping the transition of sexy underwear into men’s daily wear is one thing. But that has been discussed many times and many ways.

Apart from regularly writing for other publications, Dude Undies blog is somehow one of the most interesting corners of the web I wish to publish. Not only because I love the eroticized male figure but because it simply offers my creative mind to explore my writing’s creative possibilities.

I was feeling like I am losing grip the other week and thought why not go on a mini-vacation to fill the tank that powers my writing. My mind craved for the much-needed break.

I was trying to get some sun by the beach trying to bake my yellow skin, hoping to get some color. A bearded dude joined me, talking about how nice the weather is.

For some reason talking about weather seems to be most men’s conversation starter. I just nodded and said, “Yes, it is!”

This man who was trying to talk to me doesn’t have any idea what I was thinking of, my mind then was all about sexy underwear for men , outside my perverted mind of course, what I am really trying to figure out was how to describe the products.

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An idea sparked and I thought why not be honest when this guy asks what I was thinking of and use him as my working hypothesis about learning men and sexy underwear.

Luckily, he did pop the question in a minute and my answer kind of surprised him, “I am thinking of lace underwear, jockstraps and thongs for men .” Followed of course by my devilish grin across my innocent face.

I pointed to a gay couple a few feet away from us who are tanning their skin in the tropical beach wearing sexy tight trunks and said, “Like those guys must own a few pairs, will a straight guy go for it?”

The response of course was rather coy, “I love the way you think girl.” And it was followed by a short introduction why I was thinking of it and other stuff that are on my list of things to write about.

He smiled and said, “Like this?” as he pulls down his surfboard shorts from the rear to give me a peak of his blue jockstrap.

My eyes got big, surprised and also because I am a flirt. “I would’ve never expected you wearing that!”

He responded, “Well, there are plenty of things you wouldn’t expect me wearing or doing.”

The guy then told me about his collection of thongs and jockstraps but never owned a lace underwear, to that I asked, “Why?”

“Because it is hard to find in stores.”

Made me realize that I am not only talking to an open-minded dude but actually someone who is a 30-year-old who takes sexuality and sensuality with him even in a remote beach town in the pacific.

If more lace underwear is actually openly sold, it means that more men would go for it. The stigma about lace underwear for men, jockstraps and thongs for men then evaporated in my thoughts.

It is not actually a very sticky stigma anymore, in fact, the crossover of the underwear is taking a rapid pace.

The guy then asked if I would like the full view of the underwear, to that of course I replied, “Let’s go!”

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