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Amusing or Absurd? New Novelty Men’s Underwear Trends

Posted by Dude Undies on

Men’s underwear has come leaps and bounds of term of style, function and comfort over the years. Yet for any aerodynamically shaped thong or highly breathable g-string, there’s a new ‘trend’ that abandons such notions for attention-grabbing, slightly mad adventures. Here’s just two we’ve come across in the last week, and whilst we don’t know if we can pinpoint their ideal wearer, we’re fans of saying “you should never judge boxers by the brief”.

The first of these mad-cap men’s underwear is this ‘sexy wolf’s head crotch’ design, which places a 3D printed moon-howler right where your schnauzer should be. The interesting part is the pants don’t require you to ‘turn your nose up’ to bring the wolf to life; instead it’s been perfectly stitched to always stand somewhat at attention. They’re sold in packs of three from Amazon (shipped from China, obviously), and are described as being able to “make man looks sexy and wild”. Sounds good to us.

If you’re like us, your mind is probably racing to conclusions on the type of man who would enjoy wearing this. We feel, even if you put aside subcultures like furries or those who rooted for #TeamJacob back in the booming days of Twilight fandom, there is something ferociously brave about these boxers. Maybe you’d only wear them to get a rise out of your pack mate, or maybe there’s some sort of confidence booster that can only be unlocked with wolf boxers. Either way, if you think you could wear this men’s underwear with a (very) straight face, let us know in the comments.

Leading towards the opposite end of the overly masculine spectrum, WarmPresent’s ‘cock warmer underwear’ may lack the finely refined shape of many of the choices here on DudeUndies, but it’s fair to to say that you’re unlikely to find drawers quite as winter ready. Whilst ‘tasteful’ turns into a highly subjective term when it comes to these animal-inspired boxers, they do fill a unique niche in the marketplace for humour-driven, novelty pants – ones that can actually take a little bit of the edge off of your bedroom time.

Hand knitted and sold from the maker’s personal Etsy shop, the WarmPresent boxers pretty much sell themselves…if you’re one of the few who could imagine themselves wearing a pair. What’s rather interesting is this product isn’t an isolated incident, with other examples on the online marketplace replacing the elephant’s trunk with a Christmas-carrot, a palm tree and even a mushroom . Strange, quirky and perhaps best saved for an evening of levity, all are nevertheless perfectly innocent pairs of men’s underwear that will guarantee a good laugh or two. 

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