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​Behind Straight Men’s Discomfort on Wearing Sexy Underwear

Posted by Dude Undies on

Women are allowed to show as much skin as they want in softest and thinnest material man has ever made. The homosexual stigma continues even if a guy tries to pull off tight swim trunks on a non-gay beach. In terms of daily underwear, men are expected to wear anything from the classic briefs and boxers but nothing outside conventional material.

Undeniably, there are plenty of “gay” types of underwear that falls under the sexy erotic drawer. But what about the sexy prints and other bulge enhancement underwear? Why are most straight men still afraid of them?

It seems that the gay stigma on sexy underwear is causing the “lag” on men’s sexy underwear fashion. But there is no particular group to be blamed. It is just that most underwear that are creative and sexy in nature has been popularized many sexualized male icons.

The biggest question here is, is an ordinary man not supposed to be sexualized like models and sex icons but it’s okay for women to be? It is difficult to not involve sexism when talking about underwear because there are so many obvious things going on and to mention them one by one is like opening a huge can of worms.

Come on! Whether you are straight, bi or gay, sexy underwear is a choice, a choice that has to be made by more men. So, what if you are sexualized? Isn’t that the whole point?

Laces and Thongs Please!

Any straight guy if asked by their girlfriends or wives to wear sexy laces and thongs might go for it. But by choice, they would hardly choose them over the conventional white nickers. Laces and thongs for men have long been only available at sex shops and gay themed shops but never openly marketed compared its counterpart for women?

It seems rare to find sexy underwear for men. But the popularity of online shopping changed the game. It is now easier to get a pair without having to feel ashamed when you reach the checkout counter. As we wait for the change in underwear “acceptance,” feel free to browse the following sexy underwear for men at the Dude Undies shop:

PetitQ Antony Bikini Bella Bikini Black

PetitQ Antony Bikini Bella Bikini Black Thong Underwear Perfect for lingerie night, swimming or self-pleasure. 

Men’s Gridding Boxer Brief Underwear, semi-see through. Using of 95% nylon and 5% spandex make your skin comfort during use.

Hot and breathable, great hand feeling and comfortable wearing. Fashionable and flirty. Sexy Underwear Men Boxer Briefs Shorts Bulge Pouch Soft Underpants.

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PPU Bali Bikini

The PPU Bali Bikini by Dude Undies provides coverage where it counts in the front and back, but cut high on the sides to show off an extra dash of skin with a bright burst of color.

We love the sexy fit and ultra comfort, and you'll love to wear it for any occasion.

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PPU Tropos Bikini

The PPU Tropos Bikini is made from see-through mesh fabric with a contrast panel across the front that gives you a bit of modesty, sure, but definitely highlights your finest assets. Wear when sexy-meets-sporty is in.

Click here to view product.
Candyman Lace Jockstrap

Indulge yourself with the soft laced fabric and the gentle touch of comfort and smoothness with this Candyman Lace Jockstrap.

With breathable fabric and a touch of style and show-off-ness, this sporty undergarment can be worn any time you want to indulge your innermost instincts.

Patterned waistband fits well on your waist, while the spacious pouch gives a defining sexy fit. The sheer stretch lace displays a gentle paisley pattern. Can worn it for any length of time.

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Looking for more? Check out all the lace underwear at the Dude Undies shop.

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