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De-briefing 5 Myths of Sexy Men’s Underwear

Posted by Dude Undies on

Some people may see underwear as just a piece clothing, an undergarment that does not need much attention. Well that depends on the day and age you live in. Today, underwear has more meaning to it. In fact, a man’s character can easily be judged by his underwear drawer. 

Beyond fashion, underwear is that tiny piece of material that you can wear that speaks volumes about your sexy mind. Whether or not you intend it to be seen by someone else or just for personal reasons, wearing something that you are comfortable with under your pants can boost your confidence by privately assuming your identity.

Myth 1: A manly man must have a few pairs of 1 classic design

This is so wrong in so many angles. A man must be free to choose his type of underwear and must have several designs that should go with the outfit that he is wearing. 

You can be playful and wear a tuxedo themed pair of briefs to match your suit. If you do not want to go to that extent wear something that is comfortable and must match the material of trousers. 

For example, low rise jeans call for low rise briefs with a nice thick waistband. If you are going formal a classic black brief that secures your boy well in place is a must to avoid bulges pointing directions that can distract a formal crowd.


Thongs, briefs, boxers, boxer briefs aren’t just terms for the sake of categorizing undergarments , they call for a specific purpose. What underwear to use 101.

Myth 2: It’s a gay thing

Well, you can learn a lot from the gays. From style to comfort they know what to wear, and when to wear it. There definitely are some underwear that are thematic in nature, it can be a gay-themed pride kind of underwear. However, in reality, sexy underwear are for sexy men, and by that all types of men. 

You will be surprised how a lot of women gets turned on seeing boys in laces and thongs. Wonder why women enjoys male strippers? Not only because they know how to “work” it, but because they know how wear sexy underwear and be the man of their fantasies. 

If you need change in your intimate life, surprise your partner with something sexy, lacey and stringy and take over her fantasies.

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Myth 3: Your wife or mom should buy your underwear

How old are you? Oh you’re an adult now, so you that means go pick and buy your own underwear. There is nothing wrong if your wife is buying your underwear, but she might be choosing the same boring stuff because she is shy to show you her wild side. 

But if you really want to surprise her and spark a new level of intimacy between your relationship, take her to www.DudeUndies.com and ask her to pick for you. 

Be surprised how your wife or partner would rather see you unzipped. On the other hand, if it is still your mom buying your underwear, double check your birth certificate, if you are over the age of 18, you probably should be doing that yourself.

Myth 4: Cheap underwear is just as good

No definitely not! First, we need to draw a line between cheap and inexpensive. Cheap means, terrible material and simply not assembled well. 

Most importantly cheap cannot give your precious boy down there the comfort he deserves. There are plenty of underwear at the DudeUndies shop that are inexpensive, but not cheap, they can give you the comfort and style you need. 

Stop wearing packed underwear that feels like made from abrasive materials, it can hurt the gentle skin on your crotch area. This is no B.S. the crotch area is one of the most gentle and thin skin the body has , it easily gets irritated and smelly because of the bacteria build up. 

Again, just don’t go for cheap, go for inexpensive but good quality.

Myth 5: Tight briefs affects fertility

No, it doesn’t! No, it doesn’t! Intentionally, that phrase was written twice to express strong opinion that it simply doesn’t affect fertility. Underwear is about comfort, if you are comfortable with boxer briefs, then go for it, boxer shorts are also fantastic. 

Anyway, the main point is whatever your underwear is will not affect your baby-making-abilities. Low sperm count is not caused by the underwear you choose, it has to be with lifestyle, genetics and how stress kills you. 

Reduce your stress by not stressing on this and pick anything from the shop that makes you more comfortable.

Sexy Men Have Sexy Underwear

Sexy doesn’t mean just your body type. Men and women across the globe would agree that sexy is a person’s mindset, and the best way to really live that mindset is wear that sexy piece of underwear that matches your sexy soul.

Be the sexy beast you know you are. Come, let us guide you to sexiness.


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