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​Dude Undies: Debriefing Men’s Erotic Underwear

Posted by Dude Undies on

The undergarment industry has long been manufacturing erotic underwear for women. Men’s undergarments has lagged behind in terms of evolving into fashionable, trendy and erotic. It can be assumed that the society at large is a bit double standard regarding this topic. There is no reason that men should not be able to enhance and wrap their favorite body parts with sensual and thought-provoking materials. Moreover, there is no reason that women should not be allowed to see men in sensual undergarments.

But whatever your sexual preference, erotic underwear is trending as more men discover the benefits of sexy undergarments.

Enhancement is the primary goal of most erotic underwear. Bulge enhancement is very popular among the leading men’s underwear brands. Much like a bra for women who wants to increase the volume of their chest. Bulge enhancement is to give more emphasis on the crotch area to define your package in a good way.

Erotic underwear designs aren’t just built for flaunting and enhancement. Most are built for support and comfort. Whether you are a busy professional who wants to slip a hint of sexuality into your daily life or a someone who looks forward for action, men’s erotic underwear will not fail you.

Let’s go through some of the most popular materials used for men’s erotic underwear:


In terms of expressing sensuality, nothing beats leather. Leather means rough, thrill and passion and it evokes so much more eroticism that what most people understand. For true adventurous soul, leather makes the perfect choice.

Nonetheless, genuine leather can be uncomfortable for daily wear or active wear. That is why there are leather alternatives. Materials that looks like leather and evoke the same message but ensures comfort.

Check these products at the Dude Undies Shop:

The CandyMan All Zipped Up Thong is made for those occasions when you need to undress to impress. Made from microfiber with a faux-leather finish, you'll love how these look and feel. - 

See more at: http://dudeundies.com/underwear/candyman-all-zipp...

It is the perfect underwear for a night’s wear - a bikini with an edge.

Stand out when you wear the PetitQ Pleather Kini. As the name suggests, this is made up 96% Polyester and 6% Spandex that looks like leather yet comfortable to wear. -

See more at: http://dudeundies.com/sexy-mens-underwear/petitq-...

The CandyMan Leather Buckle Jockstrap combines hardcore style with the sporty edge of a jockstrap. It's made from microfiber with a faux leather finish that gives you the look and feel of leather but with a lot more comfort. 

Wear when hardcore is in! -

See more at: http://dudeundies.com/underwear/candyman-leather-...


Lace is just for the feminine, in fact laces are for everything. Lace undergarments for men aren’t built the same as women’s lace panties. Lace underwear are built with accommodating pouches to make room for your boy to rest in comfort.

Lace underwear has slowly begun to crossover from sexy erotic to sexy daily wear.

Check out the following lace underwear from Dude Undies shop:

The Candyman lace hearts boxer briefs are made from a soft, lightweight, stretchable fabric that guarantees a delicious body-defining fit. With a masculine lingerie style to it, this piece takes you to an entirely new level of glamour. The lace hearts boxer brief is sheer, revealing just enough of your finest assets and it comes in a flexible lace pattern, adorned with hearts that hug your skin. -

See more at: http://dudeundies.com/sexy-mens-underwear/candyma...

The PetitQ Two-Tone Lace Trunk Red is super sexy, boudoir wear for boys, giving you the look and feel of authentic lace with extra room up front. Finally, a lacy style for the lads. The two-tone design looks great against your skin, so slip these babies on for your next special occasion -

See more at: http://dudeundies.com/sexy-mens-underwear/petitq-...


Mesh underwear comes in different gauge and styles. Mesh fabrics are great in creating see-through looks and barely there feel. Meshes used to be available only for women’s underwear up until recently when this type of material is now widely used in men’s underwear.

The following mesh men’s underwear are bestsellers of Dude Undies:

Men’s low rise mesh briefs classic design has a breathable front pouch. The multi-color design make this mesh brief very attractive and sexy.

Wide logo pasted elastic waistband creates a silky smooth combination with the skin makes you feel like wearing nothing at all. -

See more at: http://dudeundies.com/sexy-mens-underwear/ppu-mes...
The PPU Carson Brief features a unique asymmetrical design made by two contrasting fabrics--sheer mesh and a loose netting. Wear for those occasion when exotic is in vogue. -

See more at: http://dudeundies.com/sexy-mens-underwear/ppu-car...
WildmanT Raw Strapless Mesh Jock with C-ring Loop and Duraband Pouch is double layer with very comfortable, soft fabric. It is a strapless jockstraps.This is the jockstrap that runners, swimmers and all other non-contact sports athletes have wanted for a very long time and wildmanT provide these in comfy designs. -

See more at: http://dudeundies.com/sexy-mens-underwear/wildman...

The following are undeniably the best sexy underwear styles and designs:


Most popular in men’s erotic underwear, thongs are trending because of the comfort it provides besides being highly sexy and erotic. Thongs are available as in mesh, lace and wide range of materials. Thongs are great as an active or daily wear. Most thongs available in Dude Undies includes bulge enhancing pouches to deliver the sexiest and best appearance.

The JOR 0331 Music Thongs are made from silky soft microfiber fabric that is nothing short of pure luxury.

Wear these undies when you want to make a statement; both in style and comfort. Skulls and music printed fabric. -

See more at: http://dudeundies.com/sexy-mens-underwear/jor-mus...
The Pikante Submarine Battle Thong provides coverage only where it counts, letting your finest assets to reign free.

The most outstanding detail of this sexy men's thong is the 2 fabrics pouch design and the marine printed on it,
perfect to let you be the man of the hour. - See more at: http://dudeundies.com/sexy-mens-underwear/pikante...


Want to turn someone on? Barely-there is great to make a jaw-dropping statement that leaves your partner’s imagination to run wild.

Click here for the best-selling barely-there at the Dude Undies shop:

Bulge enhancers

Bulge enhancing underwear comes in different designs and has various techniques in terms of enhancement. Our article, Men’s Underwear Guide to Bulge Enahancement , gives you all the details you need.

Bulge enhancement is usually achieve best by either c-rings, o-rings, a foam insert softer than athletic pads and elastic slings.

Click here our top bulge enhancing underwear that truly speaks, SEXY:

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