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Dude Undie's Sexy Justin Woodcox

Posted by Dude Undies on

When we released the Dude Undies Ambassador Program almost a month ago, the very first person to respond was Justin Woodcox, a sexy dude from downtown Orlando. There is no denying that Justin's Instagram is steaming hot bulge-boasting pics of him in an underwear to some regular selfies showing his handsome face.

The day Justin posted a selfie of him wearing one of our sexy underwear from the shop, the Pikante Mossaic Jockstrop, we wonder what more this sexy dude can offer. Truly sexy!

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More about Justin:

Justin admits that he gets hit up a lot on Instagram and Facebook and has met several good people through the mentioned platforms. I mean who wouldn't? With his ink adding elaborate design to his well-kept body, he sure looks like a yummy date.

Stop assuming that all Justin does is take sexy pictures for social media. In fact this very hot single is working in the banking industry and 8 years before that he was a history teacher and a varsity basketball coach. Intellectual and athletic, a dangerous combination for hearts that are easy to capture.

We asked Justin if he feels like more men should wear sexy underwear and to that he replied, "I think straight or gay you should express yourself however makes you comfortable and sexy with yourself! For me underwear is a way to show off my body and personality for others to appreciate. But most important is that they make me happy with who I am."

His favorite underwear piece? Briefs and boxer briefs. But he proudly admits that he is now falling in love with jockstraps and sexy colorful underwear.

More of Justin on his Instagram.

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