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Dude Undies Trending Thongs: Is It for You?

Posted by Dude Undies on

Men wearing thongs couldn’t get any hotter. Thongs are tiny yet deadly when it comes to turning on your partner, they bring this vibe that can make anyone say “YES” with little to no effort at all. This lethal weapon of seduction will never fail you. Dude Undies collection of trending thongs guarantees action with seduction.

The following are the must have trending thongs in your underwear drawer:

JOR Soft Thongs

JOR never fails to deliver the most comfortable and highly seductive undergarments for men. JOR Soft Thongs secure your lovely bits in place and will definitely keep you looking DELICIOUS regardless of your endowment. This sexy underwear already gives you a standing ovation even before a performance.

The rear can definitely flatter any type of manbuns. In fact, this design can make small to medium sized buns appear big. If you have a nice round ass, this will accentuate your behind giving it a fuller, to die for look.

Pikante Castro Thong

Who doesn’t want to boast their bulges? If you got it, flaunt it! In private that is. Pikante Castro Thongs definitely gets to the top of the trending thongs , not only does it scream sexy and proud, it also gives so much comfort for those who doesn’t just want it dangling bare.

Don’t be fooled by the models wearing this tiny god-of-thongs, this can look good in any body type. And it’s all about comfort and keeping your boy safe if you prefer to keep him feeling free under your trousers.

Candyman All Zip Up Thong

What other thing than strings can mean rough action? Drop the thinking, this is not a pop quiz. Candyman All Zip Up Thong will can make anyone easily go down to discover what is preciously concealed within that zipped pouch. The wet look creates a leather-like finish taking sexy to explosive.

This wild thing is made of polyester and elastane stretch microfiber making it super comfy. It gives your boy down there a good rest (if not yet in action) while you move around.

Candyman Strappy Thong

The white version of Candyman strappy thong can automatically make anyone achieve the aura of a sex god. Boast that bulge and entice anyone with those round buns. Actually, this is another design that can really turn any type and size of ASSets look bigger.

This design is for the new age minimalist whose minds are filled with adventures. Willing and able, that is how it speaks to anyone who will be lucky enough to see you strip.

Ergowear X3D Thong

Admit it, classic pouches are a huge turn on combine that with surprise at how this thong is designed at the back. Ergowear X3D thong is classy , simple, elegant but never fails to look oh so yummy. The way this sexy undergarment is designed is to give more emphasis on the bulge while it enhances comfort making sure no skin (of importance) is left uncovered.

Ergowear never falters to deliver well designed sexy pieces assembled with durable and comfortable materials.

The Clever Jasper Thong

Another ultra-sexy yet classy way design from Clever. A thong that is made to make you look neat while the mesh on the pouch gives your boy a good ventilation. The waistband gives this bad boy a sporty look while the pouch provides enough room to boast your bulge.

If you are aiming for the neat, clean, classic, but super sexy look. You will never go wrong by owning a few pairs of Clever Jasper Thong.

PPU Drago Thong

Not many thongs are able to give that ultra-masculine look for the bulge and the thighs. The PPU Drago Thong is a sure way to achieve that athletic look and appropriately boast the bulge.

This is best for those who feel a little insecure about the volume of their bulge but loves to showoff, the pouch gives the front more emphasis on things that matters most and can definitely make anyone start begging to see what’s inside.

WildmanT Mesh Thong with Big Boy Pouch

Wearing something like this means you embrace your masculinity to the very core. WildmanT Mesh Thong is what the word sexy and rough is made for. The waistband is made to look athletic to keep the delicate mesh pouch that secures your delicious big boy in place.

Men Have All the Right to Be Sexy

It doesn’t matter what a man’s orientation is, but all men have the right to be sexy. Putting on sexy thongs means that you are someone who is in touch of your sexy side. Straight men who wears thongs are proud of their neatness. Being well groomed is sexy, but putting on a thong makes it impossible to resist because that indicates a sexy mindset.

Sexy thongs are popular among the undeniably sexy gays of all shapes and sizes, but it has slowly crossed over the world of straight men who was once dominated by plain boxers and briefs.

Can anything be even sexier than a serious guy in a suit but wearing one of Dude Undies trending thongs above? I am sure anyone granted a chance to witness that guy strip, will be have their blood boiling in a matter of seconds.

Begin collecting today. Click here to browse our gallery of thongs and don’t be shy embracing your sexiness. Express it in thongs!

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