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How to Measure Your Waist Size

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How to Measure Your Waist Size

The exact waist size must be known for choosing any type of dress or to assess if the body is facing any weight loss or otherwise. The increased waist size shows that the body is vulnerable to any chronic disease such as heart diseases, cancer or diabetes. Gained weight forces malfunctioning of other organs of the body and results your routine medical tests may start coming up with the symptoms of it. Therefore, monthly weight measurement is often advised by doctors in order to keep a healthy check on you. Besides the medical conditions or reasons, the elegance of a dress lays in proper fitting, cuts and shape of the body; same goes for the undergarments. To have a properly fitted dress according to one’s physique could only be achieved if the right waist measurements are known.

BMI (body mass index) is nowadays a method used to measure the body mass. The waist size could also be calculated through this same formula. However, few researches show that this method do not necessarily show the right measurements and division of fats in the body. The other method, that is more effective for this purpose, is to measure the waist with measuring the tape.

Measuring tape show the right results in terms of measurements of size. This is a simpler method and could be conveniently executed by anyone. Thus, helping you in keeping an eye on your diet scale, health chart and as well as for choosing the right size of dress or pants. Just follow the steps stated below and you could know the correct and exact measurements of your waist:-

  1. Remove all layers of clothing, clearing the area from lower rib to upper hip bone. This would let you easily measure your waist.
  2. If you are the first timer, indicate your waist before starting off with the measuring tape. Waist area is from the lowest rib to upper bone of hip, it is a fleshy area.
  3. Now exhale normally, leave your body at rest and stand straight. Now roll measuring tape around your waist. It should not get deep in skin as this may show few less inches in measurement.
  4. Now make sure that the end having zero written meets the other end rolled around the waist. See the calculations and note them down.
  5. For re-assurance, repeat this process twice or thrice making sure that you had the same measurements without any errors.

Measuring waist size is a task of significant importance in many cases such as for assessing medical condition and even from fitness point of view. Even while purchasing new clothing, knowing exact waist plays a vital role. It’s a simple yet a momentous practice to keep your fitness and well being under observation.

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