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How to Wash & Dry Underwear without Shrinking It

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How to Wash & Dry Underwear without Shrinking It

Are you facing the color fading, elastic drooping or fitting of underwear getting soggier after every wash? Do you miss the bright and nice fitting briefs that were once your style statement? Then stop blaming the brands or their products because the flaw lies in the washing of these undergarments. The condition speaks out loud in the favor of brands that gave you their best. Now the poor handling of the product is making these underwear lack in their performance and appearance.

Most of the customers are not used to focus on the washing instruction printed on the cover and treat every type of underwear with same washing methods; in return the product loses its originality. If one properly caters every product as advised then he might not have to face the above stated problems.

The biggest criminal in such crimes are the hot dryers and use of bleaches or fabric softening liquids. Also, for some garments drying in direct sunlight is not advisable. For this purpose, we have stated below all the type of materials used for manufacturing of underwear and the methods for their safe washing as well.

  • 1.Cotton:
  • Cotton is the material best known for its soaking capability and quick drying nature. Mostly people prefer having underwear made of cotton. For safe washing, separate the light one from dark one and wash them separately. Place them in mild sunlight to dry naturally. If you are in a hurry then place them on low heat and take them off as soon as they dry up.
  • 2.Stretched Cotton:
  • For stretching, spandex is added in cotton with the composition of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. To maintain the stretching factor, underwear should be exposed to a minimum heat. While washing, separate light colored form the dark colored garments and use cold or warm water as advised. Bleaching and softening liquids are forbidden; also machine wash is advised for stretched cotton material.
  • 3.Microfiber:
  • These are silky soft materials comprising of nylon, polyamide and spandex. They are also stretchy but have the characteristic of drying up quickly without the dryer. It is advised to wash them on regular machine cycle by separating the dark colored items from them and letting them dry naturally.
  • Hygiene is very important to be maintained while washing the under wears. On the other hand, this process also requires proper attention in order to maintain the original look of the product. If you want to feel the same freshness and brightness in your underwear then wash them as advised.

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