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Photos: Are We Ready for Men Lace Underwear as a New Trend?

Posted by Dude Undies on

Whether we’re talking leather, lingerie or some mix between the two, the funny thing about fashion trends is they can seemingly spring out of nowhere. Of course when a new, startlingly different take on a classic item of clothing catches the public’s attention, it’s probably already been worn for a while – which is definitely the case for men lace underwear. The mere idea of male undies that have been designed for a sensual look and soft fit can be immediately off-putting for many guys, but evidently it’s finding more and more fans by the day, and there are some very good reasons why…

Men Lace Underwear: Loved by the Ladies

No myth is more prevalent around men’s lingerie in general than the idea that women are turned off by it. Of course everyone has their own tastes, and no one-piece is going to win over everyone, but based on the wealth of comments and reviews we receive here at Dude Undies, as well as the research undertaken by many leading brands in men’s underwear, a great deal of wives, girlfriends and even casual lovers find men lace underwear a very sexy prospect.

The fact that this underwear is marketed specifically to men, allowing them to choose a variety of sizes, styles and colors that appeal to them personally means we’re slowly passing over the hurdles of discretion that forced men to keep the image of themselves in lace to themselves. Confidence is a major component in any healthy sexual relationship, and nothing shows how comfortable one is with their own sexuality than a hand-picked pair of men lace underwear, regardless of which sex you’re attracted to.

There’s Endless Ways to Wear Lace

Every man who’s never tried lace underwear has their own idea of what it looks like. Some immediately picture thin pieces, others imagine larger boxers with big vibrant patterns. What this plethora of perceptions should tell you is that lace is merely a material, and it can be worn in countless manners. As our own selection of men’s lace underwear demonstrates, you can wear these garments in every fashion imaginable.

If you’re still new to the idea of experimenting with sexy underwear, then you can find boxers and briefs that hardly differ than their cotton counterparts – only in how they fit and how much better they feel on your skin. Lace is also the material that works wonders for men looking to explorer a more risqué side of themselves, with jockstraps and bikinis that use the fabric’s thin characteristics to really show off every bulge or well toned inch.

Breathable Fabric like You’ve Never Felt Before

When they first became popular, boxer-briefs were a miracle discovery for men who found their tendency to excessively sweat just too uncomfortable to bear. Well, men’s lace underwear may be the logical next step if you’re looking for a pair of underwear that’s even more breathable, and comfortable to boot.

Certainly these are undergarments better suited for special occasions, and shouldn’t be worn day after day. They are a natural enemy for hair, so a bit of manscaping beforehand is always advised. Furthermore, they do require additional thought when it comes to picking size, as lace is notorious for being one of the least stretchy fabrics out there. We only point these important buying tips out to make sure a bit of carelessness when trying your first pair of lace men’s underwear doesn’t put you off wearing them for good!

Wearing Them Makes You a Trend-Setter

As said at the beginning of this article, the fact that there’s now a discussion at all to be had on whether men lace underwear will take off already means that its come leaps and bounds from total obscurity. Of course in the end all underwear, especially pairs meant for more intimate moments, are obviously still items of clothing best not flaunted in public. However, by embracing your own desire to look good in lace, you’re encouraging the market to go in new directions where everyone’s welcome to deck themselves out in a pair of underwear that feels great, looks great and inspires confidence in the bedroom. 

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