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Men’s Lace Underwear: A New Fashion Trend or an Overnight Fad?

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Have you seen men’s lace underwear? A new fashion trend that is picking up steam is men wearing lace. While some men just aren’t confident enough or comfortable with wearing lace, others are embracing the trend.

Curious how they feel?

Scratchy Where They Shouldn’t Be

Let’s be honest – men are hairy. With lace, hairs get stuck in the fabric, and when you’re removing your underwear, this can pose a little bit of a problem. There’s nothing less sensual than pulling down your underwear and ripping out hairs – it doesn’t put you in the mood.

Obviously, it’s a good idea to trim up a little bit to keep the hairs from getting stuck in the first place. Also, these are underwear that are meant for intimate moments. I wouldn’t personally wear them to the gym or during sports, but they are very breathable.

If you’re trying to liven up the bedroom, just put these on right before you make your move for the utmost in comfort.

Women Love Them

If you’re a manly-man who’s worried that you’ll look too feminine wearing men’s lace underwear, you’re not alone. Most men that have purchased these undies have said that they thought they would be too feminine.

Browsing through hundreds of comments and reviews, one thing stood out: women love the lace undies.

Maybe it’s because the fabric is a little eccentric, or perhaps women like a man that is confident and comfortable with his sexuality.

Whatever it is, women can’t seem to keep their hands off of a man in lace.

Breathable and Comfortable

When not scratchy, lace is surprisingly comfortable. Soft and breathable, you’ll keep cool down-under and won’t have to worry about excess sweat ruining your day or night. I do want to note that with extended use, these underwear are not the most supportive.

Stick with using lace for those special occasions, and you’ll be shocked at how comfortable they are.

If you’re looking for massive support, I recommend looking at other underwear styles.

Sizing is Usually Way Off

Have you heard a woman complain that her panties don’t fit right? Well, chances are they are lace. Many manufacturers seem to just get it wrong in the sizing department, which can be a disaster for a man trying lace for the first time.

While spandex is often included in the waist, lace just does not stretch well on men.

Most men state that the lace underwear they chose was simply too small. This is a big “no-no” because lace is far too easy to rip – especially for men.

Always buy a size bigger or check out the sizing chart before you buy them. The last thing you want to do is put on your first pair of lace underwear only to rip them when trying to stretch them out.

Choose the Right Color

Look, lace can be feminine – I get that. But with the right color choice, they can be masculine. You want to choose the right color based on your skin-tone to make that once-in-a-lifetime impression.

  • Black: The perfect choice for every skin-tone except pale white. This color shows authority and strength.
  • Purple: A great choice for anyone with pale skin. Purpose is both sexual and royal.
  • Reds: Depending on the darkness of the red, this can be a color used for all skin-tones. Pale skin tones look good in light reds, bright reds are perfect for medium skin, and magenta is ideal for dark skin.

Check out a complete guide to the right underwear colors for men.

Is This Style a New Trend?

Trends come and go, but lace is a style that might stick around for a bit. Many men love the feel of lace (which is a huge bonus for the industry), but the tearing issues will cause many guys to use lace only for sexy time.

Most people agree that this trend will stick around for those special moments.

People that want to wear men’s lace underwear regularly will have to wait and see if the trend picks up more steam in the future. Right now, this is not the underwear type you would expect to see on your friends or flaunted out in public just yet.

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