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Men’s Lace Underwear: How Sexier Could It Get?

Posted by Dude Undies on

The impact of a man wearing a lace underwear is undeniably arousing. For centuries laces dominated women’s underwear fashion and the recent crossover of laces to men’s underwear raised the question, “Is it a new trend or a fad?”

As far as men’s underwear goes, it has never gone across kink shops sold together with sex toys. The stigma that it carried for years on end has finally came to a recent breakthrough.

Undeniably, men’s lace underwear is a trend and not a fad. Why? Simple, its sexy and men are slowly beginning to discover the comfort of laces as undergarments and women are becoming more open to the idea of a man wearing laces.

By that, we mean women getting more excited and thrilled to see men in lace underwear. What’s not to like? Bulges wrapped in intricate soft and delicate material creates the most impact.

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How Comfortable is It Really?

The question in perpetuity begins when the built and seams used to make men’s lingerie is confused with creating women’s lace lingeries. Well they may have the same material but men’s sexy lace lingerie is built to fit the male anatomy. It is to secure the package right and keep it in place.

Comfort of course remains relative to the person using it. Some men might be comfortable with lace briefs, while others may find men’s thongs and g-strings to give more comfort.

The thing is, lace underwear has pouches and these pouches are made to give the comfort for your boy. Unless you choose something that will remain on for a little while because it is intended for visual and “play” purposes.

The Homophobic Stigma

It is true that lace underwear provokes the homophobic stigma. But we have come a long way, we have begun a new age of thinking. Undeniably, there’s a handful left who might consider laces and thongs form men to be “gay” or “crossdressing.” In reality who cares. Unless you walk around without trousers I don’t think the world would know. This is of course if you are straight.

But if you are not and really enjoying the feel of the lace against your delicate boy, go for it!

Wear Sexy – Think Sexy

If you wear sexy, you think sexy. This is undeniable. And feeling and thinking sexy goes beyond getting laid. It boosts your confidence through self-expression. Okay let us save the psychology behind the underwear for next time, for now. Don’t forget to check out the new collection at DudeUndies and get the freshest pairs.

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