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Men’s Underwear Guide to Bulge Enhancement

Posted by Dude Undies on

More than comfort, fabric used and the brand, another thing that is mostly considered by most men is how to enhance their bulges. It’s all about the bulge these days. Well, not to flaunt your boners please, bulges “normal looking” are slowly becoming a measure of attraction.

It is no doubt that a man with a serious normal looking bulge can elevate blood pressure and body temperature easily. If you are seriously down to impressing people with your boy, then consider the following advice in choosing your underwear.

There are several types of designs that will help enhance your bulge. These are the following:

1. C-Ring Slings and Straps

C-rings can provide extra definition by giving your boy a natural boost through a sling. It defines your profile adding volume without having to use pads or extra material making it look naturally big. DudeUndies Collection of underwear with c-rings provides a more pronounced look.

C-rings are usually attached to the waistband and has a snap or a button to secure your shaft and sack in a bundle to make it protrude away the crotch area to enhance the volume. Some can have elastic material attached wherein your package is inserted to hold it in place. C-rings are then very popular to the very adventurous men.

However, today, they are getting more popular even for ordinary men who wish to enhance their profile to boost their bulges.

The following C-Rings and straps from DudeUndies Sexy collection deserves a spot on your drawer:

WildmanT Raw Strapless Mesh Jock with C-ring Loop and Duraband Pouch is double layer with very comfortable, soft fabric. It is a strapless jockstraps.

This is the jockstrap that runners, swimmers and all other non-contact sports athletes have wanted for a very long time and wildmanT provide these in comfy designs. 

This jock have a ring for up lift your things. Its brand new world style jock with wide waistband with soft grip. 

The quality material like 90% Nylon and 10% Spandex make this jock more attractive and flexible. the new pouch is better ventilated. 

View product.

WildmanT Semi Sheer Mesh Squarecut With Cock Ring 

The swimming trunks are specially designed for you to take part in all kind of exercises and training. 

This is also called as boys swim trunks. It is ideal for men who love swimming, surfing, running, skiing, training, competing, sunbathing and so on. 

The incredible and attractable thing the color matching white front and light blue rear and the waistband in black. 

The quality material combination 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex gives this item super soft feel and this material also breathable. 

View product.

Wildmant Jersey Swim with Cock Ring nude nude’s world class slim soft underwear. Very comfortable the color and the fabric nice. Perfect durable and flexible. 

These swimsuits have 3 colors like purple/Blue/Red. This is perfect mens swim briefs. 

The waist a has a nice drawstring closure to make sure the shorts stay on your hips well. Super sexy mens jersey swim briefs. 

If you are in the market for sexy swim underwear these are the perfect. 

The WildmanT jersey swim makes of 82% Nylon 18% Spandex. These swim briefs are very comfortable, sexy.

View product.

World class brand new o-ring designed underwear, give you ever best support to the package and the whole area covered. 

Enhanced construction and superior design. The front gives feel double trim increased support and maximum control. 

Multiple layers of quality heavy weight 90% Nylon 10% Spandex. fabric makes this O-ring Brief superiority soft, strong and comfortable. 

No time is wasted buckling and fastening with. Experience a closer connection between you and your partner with just Nylon between you. 

Machine or hand wash and hang to dry. 

View product.

2. Enhancing Supporter Pockets

Support pockets work within the same principle as the c-ring but instead of a loop or a ring to collect the penis and the balls into a bundle, it provides support from the bottom of the pouch to lift and protrude your package.

For some people who feels that c-rings are too much and may provoke arousal, this is an alternative to all day wear while providing an excellent overall visual enhancement. This is an excellent look to achieve an athletic well enhanced bulge. DudeUndies collection of briefs with enhancing pockets below provides comfort, style and great support for bulge enhancement:

The CLEVER Tupac Piping Brief is decked out in racing stripes for a dash of athletic style and an overall comfy fit. 

They're made from stretch cotton that provides a slim, comfy fit that's body defining to nicely accentuate your masculine contours. - See more at: http://dudeundies.com/sexy-mens-underwear/clever-...

The Boriqua Dance Matrix Brief is a low rise brief that features ultra-high cut leg openings for a look that s sporty and modern. 

It is made from a super silky, stretch microfiber fabric that lies flat against your body like a second skin for a comfortable, barely-there fit. - 

See more at: http://dudeundies.com/sexy-mens-underwear/clever-...

WildmanT Mesh Boxer Brief With Big Boy Pouch silky soft world class new style with black and white color combination. 

The Wildman underwear have 90% Nylon and 10% spandex for giving fully comfort to soft and polite skins. 

This is also a perfect mesh contour boxer brief . Totally breathable material comfy design flat rear and the front pouch giving big detail about. This is absolutely magnificence modern designing for any underwear. 

The brand logo printed on the waistband is also make attraction.

View product.

The Clever Lolite Latin Brief 

Sleek and simple in design, made to let your body to the talking. It's made from ultra-stretch microfiber fabric that forms a sleek, body-defining fit that nicely accentuates your masculine contours. - 

See more at: http://dudeundies.com/sexy-mens-underwear/the-cle...

3. Enhanced Pouch Underwear

Instead of an addition of a c-ring or a fabric to push the bottom. Enhanced pouches are naturally contoured to give an overall enhanced look without discomfort. The concept of this underwear is providing pouches that are custom to the anatomical shape of the crotch area to give more definition and room.

While it has been around for a while, it was only up until recently when more brands decided to regularly manufacture this type of underwear for men. Some men might feel insecure wearing pouch underwear because of their endowment. Results truly varies because pouches do not provide a lift but rather enhance the area by giving more room for the penis and the balls to naturally rest.

The following enhanced pouch boxer briefs and briefs are perfect examples of how this look can affect enhancement. Please click here for more.

The CandyMan Multi-Colored Boxer is built to thrill! 

Look at this circus tent of super bright neon colors--once you slip into these babies, your body will shine--literally! 

See more at: http://dudeundies.com/sexy-mens-underwear/candyma...

The CLEVER Pinerolo Boxer 

Decked out in a subtle striped design that gives this otherwise sporty boxer brief a touch of class. 

The long legs protect against rubbing and chafing, making them ideal for layering under workout wear for any high-movement activity. 

- See more at: http://dudeundies.com/sexy-mens-underwear/clever-...

The JOR Fresh Boxer Briefs

So-called because it's made from super soft stretch microfiber, in addition to being amazingly comfortable, it shows off sexy glimpses of skin trough its mesh. 

- See more at: http://dudeundies.com/sexy-mens-underwear/jor-fre...

The ManView Stretch Cotton Edger Boxer Brief 

Sporty style boxer brief that provides full coverage with a sleek, body-defining fit. 

The contrast trim on the pouch and legs adds a dash of style for a look you'll love for any occasion.

See more at: http://dudeundies.com/sexy-mens-underwear/manview...

4. Special Enhancement Pockets

If you want to go one-step further in enhancing your bulges why not try padded pouches that adds extra volume that will definitely create a fuller crotch area look. While the pads will create a smoother look rather than anatomically boast your package, padded looks are great for denim jeans, surf shorts and trousers wherein an additional enhancement may be required if you want a fuller crotch area.

There is a “taboo” about wearing padded underwear as it seems highly narcissistic for men to choose this type of enhancement over the other 3 mentioned above. However, padded enhancement pockets underwear does provide additional volume while maintaining comfort.

Another purpose it serves well is for the active athletic men as this type of underwear doesn’t just provide enhancement but the much-needed room to contain your package from unwanted movements during strenuous activities such as running, workout, dancing or even just normal work.

Check out DudeUndies Collection of Special Enhancement Pouches.

Check out all the brands here.

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