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Men’s Underwear Trends For Men's Fashion 2014

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Men’s Underwear Trends For Men's Fashion 2014

When most men think about fashion, they think about the clothing that people will see on a regular and routine daily basis – shirts, pants, shoes, and accessories – but not their underwear.

However, designers all over the world have been trying to get men to focus more on the cut, style, and aesthetic of their underwear for decades now, with some success as men’s fashion as far as underwear is concerned continues to change, evolve, and adapt almost on an annual basis.

If you’re interested in the latest men’s underwear trends for men’s fashion 2014, you've come to the right place. Below you’ll find all different kinds of “insider information” about the biggest changes and updates to men’s underwear that are about to hit in 2014, many of them still industry secrets at least until the spring/summer lines start hitting retailers later in the season.

Let’s dive right in!

Color is definitely in for men’s underwear in 2014

Whereas most men have reverted to have a pretty standard black or white underwear for years and years, color is definitely becoming more and more important as designers experiment with different colors, different shades, and even fluorescent options that are flying off the shelves.

Whether you are looking for an understated and muted color like a gray, dark blue, maroon, or forest green or would like to really have your underwear pop any off-chance that you find yourself with company when you’re peeling off your pants, you’re going to find an option that suits your specific personality (as well as your favorite colors) without too much headache or hassle.

Trendier patterns are kind of disappearing, on the other hand, and are being replaced with single or “dual tone” underwear at least for the 2014 season. We may see a rebirth in trendy patterns, camouflage, and other style designs that were popular just a few years ago as the year goes on, but right now it’s all about solid, bold, and brilliant colors.

Men’s underwear with a slimmer fit and a more athletic cut are popular in 2014

Another of the more important men’s underwear trends for men’s fashion 2014 has nothing whatsoever to do with the color or the visual appeal of the underwear itself, and everything to do with the way it fits, the way it feels, and the way it supports.

Men have been complaining for years that the traditional underwear that they’ve been wearing just isn’t all that “high performing”, and even a little bit on the loose and baggy side. Boxer briefs went a long way towards correcting those kinds of issues, but some men have felt like it didn’t go far enough.

Designers have been listening, and today you’ll find men’s underwear has a much slimmer fit and a very athletic cut, and so far people have been very, very receptive.

Performance materials are keeping men cool and dry in 2014

On the topic of performance, underwear is mostly still made of cotton and other synthetic blends, but performance fabrics (also known as technical fabrics) are being introduced into the men’s underwear world as well.

You’re seeing the same kind of moisture wicking solutions that have been used by athletes all over the world find their way into underwear that is comfortable, attractive, and inexpensive – and men are snapping up these options left and right.

This is definitely one of the more popular men’s underwear trends for men’s fashion 2014.

The old classics are still standing up well as far as men’s underwear trends for men’s fashion 2014 are concerned

And while there are always going to be those that reach for the latest and greatest red hot trend as far as fashion is concerned (even if we are talking about men’s underwear), that doesn’t mean that the “old classics” have fallen by the wayside. Believe it or not, tightey whities are still sold in abundance every single day all over the US and boxer briefs/boxers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Of course, you also have that segment of the population that will never pay attention to the men’s underwear trends for men’s fashion 2014 (or any year, for that matter) simply because they aren’t wearing any!

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