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Picking the Right Underwear to Give You the Perfect Bulge

Posted by Dude Undies on

While men seem to have unwavering self-confidence, the truth is, we can be as insecure as women. Take for example how we feel about our manhood. Despite all the proof there are that women value several other things about our bodies more than size, we still believe that when it comes to being sexy, the bulge is a huge factor. In other words, most of us assume being big is the key. If you aren’t one to go under a surgeon’s scalpel willingly as a solution, or be caught strutting around in padded underwear, you ought to start wearing underwear that can give you the perfect bulge instead.

The Two Things You Should Keep in Mind

Trust us; picking the right underwear to give you the perfect bulge is easy. Just remember: Such underwear should enhance your boys’ appearance while keeping you comfortable. In other words, it should make them appear big without causing you discomfort. No props, tricks, or gimmicks; just quality well-tailored body-hugging material. If you’ve seen that scene in  Avengers: Age of Ultron where Chris Evans is chopping wood with Robert Downy Jr. while wearing a skin-tight Under Armour T-shirt, you know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t, imagine a weight lifter in body-hugging clothing during a competition. His clothes make all his muscles stand out but they still allow him to move comfortably, don’t they? Wearing underwear that functions the same way is sure to give you the perfect bulge.

3 Brands of Men’s Underwear That Can Give You the Perfect Bulge

Shopping for such underwear may be easier said than done if this is your first time. It also could be mortifying. It’s best that you prepare. Doing so includes familiarizing yourself with the current brands of men’s underwear that can give you the perfect bulge beforehand. Doing so ensures you’ll pick the perfect one for you.

There are a lot of bulge-enhancing men’s underwear you may choose from, which could make you feel overwhelmed. To help you out, here are 3 brands (in no particular order) of  men’s underwear that are sure to make your boys’ look larger than life.

1)     Joe Snyder

The Joe Snyder range of men’s underwear is so diverse, it promises to have all the kinds of underwear the men of this day and age need. Indeed, they carry an assortment of choice underwear which could give you the perfect bulge, like the one the model above is wearing.

Take note of how the front wraps itself well around the model’s package, making it standout. Together with the eye-catching color combination of the underwear itself and how those two black lines frame the model’s bulge, this piece is sure to be a showstopper.

But those at Joe Snyder clearly didn’t forget to keep the wearer comfortable. You’ll see upon closer inspection that the underwear itself is made of a combination of materials that breathe and stretch well.

2)     Agacio

If you’re looking for a sexier piece, Agacio may very well have the one you seek. The Agacio line of men’s underwear was launched in January 2013 and soon became widely known for its remarkably comfortable underwear featuring Agacio’s specially designed contour pouch that lifts your boys, lets them fall naturally into a relaxed position, and keeps them there throughout the day. This cutting edge pouch is featured in the underwear worn by the model above. The pouch together with the underwear’s sultry design enhances in size the model’s package quite well. But clearly the underwear looks very comfortable to wear as it appears to also be made of a combination of materials that breathe and stretch well.

3)     OTZI

If you want all eyes on you, we suggest you get OTZI bikini underwear, like the one the model above is showcasing. OTZI underwear is known for featuring bold prints and color combinations that pop. Both characteristics are exhibited in the bikini above. Coupled with its revealing cut, it’s clear how the bikini underwear enhances the model’s bulge. Imagine what it could do for your boys.

No need to worry about comfort while wearing OTZI bikini underwear. They are made of a combination of materials that breathe and stretch well, allowing for much ventilation. They allow for much movement as well.

Whether we admit it, we need help with feeling comfortable in our skin. Our innate confidence can only take us so far. We need to see that we are sexy. But we don’t have to go as far as to change our appearance. As we hope the listed brands of men’s underwear above has proven to you, picking the right underwear to give you the perfect bulge may just be all the help you need.

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