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Practicality Vs. Fashion: Mens See Through Underwear

Posted by Dude Undies on

What underwear do you want to be seen in? Fashion has taken many twists and turns and people are often asking whether mens see through underwear is fashionable or simply a gay erotic underwear that isn’t for everybody.

I pondered upon this thought as I wander around my own mind about the idea of mens see through underwear. Is it really a gay underwear? What I came to understand is that most underwear designed outside conventional boxers and boxer shorts are automatically branded “gay”. There is a huge collection of briefs that easily sticks to the gay stigma. When in fact, they would look good on a male body regardless of sexual orientation. For example the following:

You see? These kinds of underwear are easily judged and many men, although they would want to try them, might not. Why? It came to me that anything with a daring design is immediately called "gay." But in reality, every girl might immediately be turned on by this kind of underwear. Seriously.

Let us go back to the main topic, mens see through underwears, are they gay? If you ask us at Dude Undies... Definitely not, they are practical for anyone looking for extra ventilation and extremely erotic no matter the sexual preference. 

Here are the best of mens see through underwear, they aren't just trendy but hot and sexy!

1. Candyman Beige Brief

Want to feel sexy? The Candyman Beige Brief is probably the hottest mens see through underwear of today. With just a month in the market, distributors are surprised to see how it sells. In demand, I often wonder how many actually wears this underwear and it wouldn't be a surprise bumping with someone who actually wears it when seeking for fun encounters. 

Grab this underwear here.

2. Clever Magnificent Brief

Want to go daring but not fully showing off your entire package? Clever have some great mens see through underwear collection that leaves the pouch unexposed. This is great for anyone who desires sexy thin fabric while leaving your man parts still covered. 

Grab a pair here.

3. Clever Majestic Latin Boxer

Want to go sexy and remain athletic? Another one from Clever, the Majestic Latin is made of mesh and the pouch area made cotton, not very revealing in front but leaves a your rear looking sexy. 

Grab a pair here.

4. Xtremen See Through Brief

I can go on with a list from Candyman and Clever, they are among the top favorites when it comes to mens see through underwear. But the Xtremen See Through Brief is something that cannot be ignored. It stays looking athletic and unexposed, this piece might take need someone's extra keen pair of eyes to notice that you can actually see through. Said to be one of the most comfortable underwear today, this brief appeals to men of very active lifestyle. 

5. PPU Sexy Brief

Want to look sexy and go full see through but remaining masculine. Go for the PPU Sexy Brief and be in style and sexy. I must admit this should be selling more and there must be a countrywide campaign imposing this should be worn by more men. Comes in three colors, blue being the bestselling, PPU has always been one of the most interesting underwear brand out there.

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