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Strike A Grand Impression With The New PetitQ Collection

Posted by Dude Undies on

If you’re after underwear that’s sleek, slender yet nevertheless geared for an undeniably seductive impact, then PetitQ’s new line has you covered (if only just barely!). The immediate appeal of these unabashedly flashy trunks, bikinis, kinis and g-strings is the combination of searing bright colors with ever-classic prints, and yet there’s more to enjoy with this new Spring collection than what you can see with your own eyes. The lace fabric and streamlined design compliment the bold style in terms of comfort, with deliberate lines and body shapes, and a smaller cut at the back that falls just suitably short of being a thong.

But is the PetitQ Collection yet another uninspired option for men who like to leave nothing to the imagination? Hardly – with its tasteful flashiness and revealing edginess, there’s no question as to how this French name has won so many plaudits across four continents. In short; whether you feel dynamic stripes, mellow nature-led patterns or the always intense animal prints would dote best on your package, then we recommend sliding these slim straps around your waste and letting your package take care of the rest!

Collection highlights:

PetitQ PQ150012 Thong Color GreenPetitQ PQ150012 Thong Color GreenPetitQ PQ150012 Thong Color Green

The PetitQ Green Floral Lace Line Thong represents much about what we love about this Spring collection. The shade of fabric is gleefully unsubtle, yet it helps the floral pattern really stand out – along with ever other part of the body you want proudly displayed.

Taking much of the last highlight and adding a more subdued sexiness, the PetitQ Floral Lace Line Green Bikini is darker in tone, but not so much that you can’t get a glimpse at what’s underneath. The flowery design is vivid to say the least, and works very nicely with the lace.

We know violet isn’t for everyone, but as shown by the PetitQ Two-Tone Lace Line Red Trunks, it’s more than possible to pull it off in a handsome manner. The lace is arguably shown off at its best here, with clear floral shapes that still let the best bits of your body work through the fabric.

If you’re a lover of lace, we’d love to know if the PetitQ spring collection works to your tastes. Do you think the patterns and style work better in bikini or trunk form? Let us know through the comments below, or tweet us your favorite pair at @DudeUndies

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