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The 5 Underwear Every Guy Actively Dating Must Have

Posted by Dude Undies on

When you are single and sexually active, underwear’s purpose goes beyond the basic. It is not simply for protection, support and hygiene of your crotch area. It becomes the tiniest item you wear the makes a huge impact. Just try to imagine going on a date and wearing your 5-year-old boxers, chances are, you would either feel conscious and your self-esteem reduced or be rejected, if not never get a second round if you really like the other person.

If you are actively dating you must consider owning these pairs of underwear that are not going to keep you on the safe side in being attractive but might score you a great first-impression.

1. Colorful Trendy Boxer Briefs

Be in the style. Colorful boxer briefs has become a popular demand recently. With top brands designing and releasing  colorful boxer briefs, everyone is just pleased. Whatever your sexual orientation is, from straight, gay or bi. Colorful boxer briefs brings the best in you. 

Checkout colorful boxer briefs here.

2. Sexy Briefs

Sexy briefs make a bold statement. Whether you are a sub or dominant, top or bottom, sexy briefs can make you stand out. Don't stick to the regular tighty whities! Explore new designs, with prints, fabrics and materials that makes you look not just yummy but to die for. 

There are some boxer briefs created to make you look HUGE. Addition of c-rings and pads for bulge enhancement is not very rare to find. 

Checkout the sexiest briefs here. 

3. Jockstraps

Let's face it, jockstraps are among the sexiest pair of underwear that can showcase a man's beauty from front to back. Jockstraps are no longer just for sports, some are designed intended for daily and erotic wear. Take a look at some of the hottest jockstraps like the following: 

Click here to view more.

4. Men's Bikini

If you really want to make a great first impression when you take off your pants, action will definitely be sent sizzling with men's bikinis. Do not confuse with women's bikinis, these are made to anatomically fit a man's body and ensure style and comfort. The choice is yours, you can go from simple bikini to highly erotic. Check out the following: 

5. Men's Thongs

Dude Undies has been catering the best of men's underwear over the years. It makes online shopping for any type of underwear a breeze, fast shipping and guaranteed quality designs from the leading brands. 

Thongs are among the best selling products at the Dude Undies Shop.

If you are quite shy to buy thongs and other sexy men's underwear from your local underwear store, Dude Undies solves this. Know your size and pick from the wide collection of men's thongs like the following: 

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