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The Dude’s Comfort and Joy for The Holidays

Posted by Dude Undies on

Keeping your boy well supported during the holidays is a must. Tis the season to be jolly and it’s important that you aren’t just trendy and ready but also comfortable. Whether you are looking for the best underwear to gift yourself or someone special, Dude Undies delivers the best picks for the season.

Top 10 Sexy Underwear for the Holidays

1. Deliver Your Package with a Bold Statement

Ergowear MAX Mesh Bikini is designed to keep your boy tucked in comfort while you are busy. The low-rise cut creates a sexier take on a bikini underwear while giving more emphasis on your holiday package. Ideally this design is ideal for gym, watersports and other activities requiring extra activities. 

Busy holidays require a little more support for your boy while you also make sure that you are ready for action should the circumstances demand for it. If you are looking for something sexy during the busy holidays this is a great choice.

2. Candyman Santa Outfit

This screams fun and sexy during the holidays. The Candyman Santa Outfit is your chance to join the Sexy Santa holiday craze. It’s a definite choice if you wish to give your partner a sexy humor that delivers your present right on the spot. 

You’d be surprise how comfortable the material used for this outfit is, the stretchy microfiber is smooth and complements your skin well. Santa’s face attached at the front moves as you do, adding a little more flair to the whole ensemble. This makes the holidays really naughty, merry and oh so bright!

3. Candyman Snowman

If winter is your theme, take it for a spin and heat up the winter nights by surprising your partner with the Snowman Costume Brief. Fill up the snowman’s face with your boy and make that pointy carrot point the right direction. 

This costume brief can be your holiday lethal weapon for fun intimate nights that displays bedroom humor and screaming for exciting sex. This comfortable piece supports your boy in areas where it’s needed most. The fabric is smooth and complements the skin while keeping in place.

The mesh rear allows not only comfort but preview of your good ASSets.

4. Candyman Holiday Tidings Jockstrap

An amazing surprise for anyone you wish to be intimate with this upcoming holidays. The Candyman Holiday Tidings Jockstrap makes sure that you end up on Santa’s list of both naughty and nice. Make the holidays unforgettable by wrapping your package in a comfortable yet super-HOT sexy Jockstrap.

Candyman holiday tidings jockstrap is meant to deliver what you’ve been wanting, heat up the cold holidays.

5. PPU Tuxedo Thong

Being minimal and formal can hardly be achieved. The PPU Tuxedo Thong takes formal and sexy out for a spin. Not exactly holiday themed but this one is something you would want to be wearing to make sure that you surprise anyone who wish to have a little fun with your boy. 

The tuxedo design leaves you formal as you heat up the holiday season making your way on top of Santa’s naughty list. Make your bulge standout during the holidays while getting covered on areas that matter most.

6. JOR Mediterranean Brief Jock

Briefly interrupt anyone’s holiday blues by showing off your bulge in this sexy JOR Mediterranean Brief Jock that gives you both sporty and wild look. Covered in the front, the cutout back delivers the statement of what needs more attention. 

This brief jock makes sure you are remembered even long after the holidays.

7. Pikante Cherry Pie Brief

Brief silhouettes are always a great way to impress and make a bold statement. The Pikante Cherry Pie Briefs allows you to be sexy without effort and trying. 

The waistband makes sure that it stays in place and the nylon-spandex gives a comfortable fit for the buns and the boy. Make sure that you are remembered well during the holidays and aesthetically deliver your package.

8. Candyman Figures Net Brief

The traditional briefs set the standard for design and comfort. But admit it, sometimes it’s just hard not to let creativity and fun speak for themselves. If you are more drawn to the traditional built of a brief but wish to bring in a fresh look to maybe surprise your lucky one, this one is it.

While the pouch remains to be covered raise your partner’s pulse by showing off the rear that gives a peak of your delicious holiday buns. This a net brief for any season that will leave a mark to whoever you are intimate with.

9. Candyman Lace Hearts Boxer Brief

Who says lace lingerie only fits a woman’s body? The Candyman lace hearts boxer briefs redefines the meaning of sexy and on fire. 

The waistband ensures that all the materials remain in place and the lace defines your masculine bits ready to set anyone on fire. If it is sex, fun and romance you are looking for, the hearts design on the lace speaks for you.

10. PetitQ Low Boxer

If you know you will be busy and active during the day and wish to keep everything in place but also looking forward for action, this short boxer that keeps everything in place with a thong design will make anyone’s jaw drop and blood pressure to rise. 

PetiteQ low boxer is an item that should go on your list to make sure you have something extra special to pull out of your drawer when you are going to be busy but thinking naughty.

The holidays is the best time of the year of the year to get naughty and nice. While you sure can wear your daily underwear, it is best if you have a few ones that you can pull out during special occasions. Gone are the days when only women are supposedly surprising during intimate moments. A man’s body is just as worthy of sexy fabrics and jaw-dropping designs.

Sexy underwear always leave a mark whoever you are partnered with. It makes sure you create a mental image that speaks of sex, fun and wild and you ought to be remembered that way.

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