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The Dudes’ Guide to Men’s Underwear Pouches

Posted by Dude Undies on

Over time men’s underwear pouches has evolved and designs are not leaning towards comfort but also in style. Dude Undies collection is always up to day with the most recent design of underwear pouches designed to perform and function in different ways.

Pouches are very important, those you choose can make the “BIG” difference.

Benefits of men’s underwear pouches are:

1. Vanity. Like taking pics or walk around naked? Well, whoever your audience are, when you choose the correct pouch, your front and side profiles can be reshaped to increase bulge size.

2. Support. Some pouches are created to lift and protrude. Meaning it lifts your package not only to look great and big but also to provide support.

3. Health. Pouches are designed to give health benefits to maintain good hygiene in the crotch area. It prevents sticking, hush-up and sweating, reducing bacteria buildup.

4. Definitely comfortable. The sizes of the pouches are designs depending on your endowment or the look you wish to achieve. While it provides comfort and support, it also allows you to give the “free” feeling.

When choosing the pouch for you, consider the following advice on different kind of pouches in the market.

Pouches for Bulge Enhancement

There are basically two types of enhancing pouches but basically they are both designed to make your package look bigger to contour the area to make it fuller in shape.

Lifting Pouches

Lifting pouches have built-in push up technology for lift and support. This ensures that your package gets the boost needed to create a contour to make it look fuller. There are wide assortment of methods used, but the most popular ones are c-rings and U-shaped fabric panels. Check it out in details in this previous article we have published, Men’s Underwear Guide to Bulge Enhancement .”

DudeUndies favorite are Ergowear , Candyman’s and Clever collection of pouch enhancing underwear.

Padded Pouches

The soft foam padding that is inserted at the built-in front pocket gives the pouch an anatomically shaped look to make it fuller and contoured in appearance.

Underwear pads are not similar to those used in sports underwear which are hard pads designed to protect. Pouch pads for normal daily wear are soft padding to create a rounder full appearance both on side and front profile

Image Source: http://www.wisegeek.org/what-is-pouch-underwear.h...

Contour Pouches

Contour pouches have a seam at the middle of the pouch to create a D shaped pouch. Giving your package enough room with gentle support and lift. It can effectively add more definition to your frontal and side profile without making the package look too big but not poor definition like the flat front panel.

Contour pouches are becoming a trend because it is great for daily wear.

Check out the contour pouches available at Dude Undies store.


XL Pouches

Every brand may have a different metrics of pouch sizes. Large pouch underwear I designed and built to give more room for your package. The extra space is not only perfect for the well-endowed but also for those who wants to feel less constriction in their man area.

The best thing about XL pouches is that it gives more room for air circulation that prevents sweating, thus reducing the bacteria and odor build up.

Natural Pouches Underwear

Natural pouches men’s underwear is also known as anatomically correct pouch underwear. Yes, you guessed it right, because it is anatomically correct. The way these pouches are designed is to make the package look longer allowing it to freely dangle. It is also best to reduce sticking and sweating, keeping your package fresh all day while it gives support.

More suitable for the well-endowed because it needs to be filled. But sizes vary so choose the right size and you can achieve the lift and outward push to make your package bigger.


The Best of Them All?

Well you see, that really depends on what will make you feel more comfortable and when you are going to use them. If you want a fuller look when you go for trousers that can seem to flatten your man area, go for the padded pouches.

Depending on the size of the package, some can make you achieve the extra contour you need to get someone excited before actual performance. However, for everyday comfort it’s definitely anatomically correct pouches.

Feel free to comment about what you think about men’s underwear pouches.

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