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The Hole in Men’s Underwear: Name and Purpose

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The Candyman Zipper Brief White

Finally, some answers.

We’ve all seen it. In fact, it’s so common place around dudeundies, we almost forget about it. Men’s underwear and its strange opening in the front. “What is this even for?” many of us have asked. Asking your friends certainly didn’t help, they don’t know either.

Well, search no further. We’ve done all the work for you, just sit back and enjoy.

A Brief Look Back. (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

According to Wikipedia, Briefs were given an opening in the front. The point of this opening (the ‘fly’) was to make it easier to pee with clothes on (something that may sound foreign to many of you reading this).

Peeing with clothes on was originally a way to protect yourself from the elements and stay warm. In fact, some older underwear pieces had buttoned flaps in the rear for relieving yourself comfortably.

But…what’s the point now?

Over time, this style faded out of existence, mostly because of the modern marvel that is indoor plumbing. After all, it’s a lot easier to stay warm when you aren’t pooping outdoors as much anymore. So, the question becomes: why on earth are there still holes in our underwear?

Well, the answer is a combination of two things. First off, some people actually use the hole. When you’re in that ridiculous 3-piece suit for your business conference, peeing through a hole sounds a lot more fun that trying to tuck that shirt back in after you’re done. It’s mostly an issue of preference.

More importantly, it’s a tradition. Back in 1935, when the first briefs were sold by Coopers Inc, they had a certain style. A sense of pride in who they were. They saw themselves as innovators, leading the way towards a future where everyone wore ‘Jockeys’.

As a sign of respect, most if not all underwear companies offer this option in some way, shape or form. Would sales be affected if they stopped doing it? Probably not. Would anyone but the underwear companies really care or even notice? Again, probably not.

The fly, however, is not put on underwear because of its utility. The fly exists as a nod to the past, the pioneers that made something brilliant, long before microfibers and antimicrobial material.

The Never Ending Debate

To pee through the hole, or just drop the drawers? Before some of you start complaining that we have bigger problems to worry about, I’ll just say one thing… If we can’t agree on this, how are we ever going to solve world hunger?

Still here? I thought so. Now, dropping the drawers is clearly the easier choice. Simple, effective. No risk of getting your ‘unit’ caught in anything…

However, those who choose to use the fly are often men of action and determination. They see no reason to waste time with some round-about way of peeing. If the hole is there, use it! After you’re done, you can just zip up and be on your way.

This debate would be won by the fly users easily if it weren’t for a terrifying issue: the dreaded ‘rushed zip’. Easily the lowest point in any man’s life, when he forgets about the most important part of himself (yes, the penis is the most important part. Intellectuals be damned).

Clearly, we’re a divided nation. Hope this article shed some light on the situation. 

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