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​The Latest in Men’s Underwear: Enhanced Pouches

Posted by Dude Undies on

Men’s underwear pouches are as critical when choosing the right cup size of bra for women. In the very same nature that bra cups are designed not only to fit but enhance, pouches are now built the same.

It may sound rather absurd to some why would men enhance their bulges, but let us face it, both men and women loves to checkout bulges. To some who thinks that eroticizing the male anatomy is just too much, we are forever divided in that idea.

Moreover, enhanced pouches are not really created for the sole purpose of eroticizing the crotch area, it is for the sake of comfort in most cases. Depending on your endowment, you might want to choose something that can provide support and comfort without feeling restricted and suffocating your boy down there.

Underwear made to look good and feel good is the top choice of modern men. It is undeniably sexy, comfortable and best of all provide the support needed to match modern designs of trousers and jeans.

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There are different types of enhanced underwear for men. Let us explore them a little:

1. C-rings and slings

C-rings, short for cock rings (obviously) are designed to bundle the cock and the balls together to make them protrude a little bit. This type of enhancement is the most common for it gives the most natural look. For the well-endowed this is the best choice for it also provides the much needed ventilation avoiding odor and bacteria buildup in the folds of skin.

2. Padding

For men who are not very well-endowed and wants to flaunt their bulge especially in outfits that seems to flatten and constricting the “man” area, padded pouch enhancement is the solution.

Padding is sort of cheating, as they say. But it works best for those who really need it. Besides, padded men’s underwear gives comfort, puts you in style and most importantly defines the area that matters most (winks).

3. Contour

This seems to attract most men from all walks of life because enhancement is achieved without cheating or anything additional but just seamed together to contour the cock and balls area. Giving a natural bulge enhanced to make everyone notice.

4. Tube

An additional fabric is added to line the pocket to give an enhanced look for the cock and balls. This type of underwear will enhance those who already possess the big boys. But in terms of comfort, they are far more comfortable than padded pouches and cock rings and slings.


Contour pouches is the best way to achieve natural enhancement without the discomfort. But for those who doesn’t mind c-rings and slings, then that can provide the lift and support to keep your bulge boosted. 

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