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The Latest Men Underwear Styles

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If you are a modern man (or someone that shops for a modern man), you probably discovered that there is a seemingly endless amount of options when it comes to the latest men underwear styles on the market today.

Gone forever are the days of picking a single type, a single cut, and a single color – now there are thousands and thousands of different variations (all with varying levels of importance) that you will need to juggle before you walk out of a store or check out online with a new pair of underwear.

Hopefully this quick guide to the latest men underwear styles gives you all of the insider information you need to come away with a set of underwear that you are happy with.

Let’s dive right in!

It’s no longer about boxers or briefs anymore

boxers or briefs

The most important thing to understand right of the bat is that the simple choice between boxers and briefs no longer exists. Sure, those options are still some of the more popular male underwear choices in 2014, but you’re also going to have a whole host of other “form factors” competing directly with these old classics.

And we are not just talking about the boxer brief hybrid that has become immensely popular in the last few decades, literally combining the best of boxers and briefs into one magnificent piece of underwear.

No, today, you’re going to need to navigate all of the different options below – as well as all the different fabrics, cuts, styles, and colors – before you end up with something that you’re happy with!

Micro lowrise trunks

retro-inspired pajama style underwear

Think of these as boxer briefs that do not ride the very high at all on your body, and you’re going to begin to have an idea as to what micro lowrise trunks are all about.

Almost always made out of high performance materials and some sort of synthetic like Lycra and nylon combinations (and possibly even polyester), the idea behind these types of underwear is to guarantee that they’ll never end up poking out of your pants no matter what you’re doing.

Retro-inspired pajama underwear

retro-inspired pajama style underwear

Mad Men is not only one of the most popular television shows of all time, but it’s also responsible for re-inspiring the fashion world and bringing back a lot of retro looks.

In the 1960's, men used to wear pajama tops and pajama bottoms that were lightweight, comfortable, and classically inspired, but you’d have a hard time today finding any men that slip into a two-piece outfit before they slide into bed.

However, a lot of retro-inspired pajama style underwear options are popping up left and right in 2013 and 2014, and are easily some of the most popular underwear styles today.

Athletic performance underwear

Athletic performance underwear

One of the latest men underwear styles that have been gaining a lot of traction in the last two or three years is the use of athletic performance material (not unlike the stuff used by big brands in the sporting world like Nike and Under Armour) to wick away moisture and give you the kind of snug, comfortable, and stable fit the you've come to expect from these kinds of products.

A little bit on the tighter side and certainly closer to an athletic piece of equipment than your typical or traditional underwear, and these might be right up your alley if you lead an active lifestyle or are just looking for a bit more support and moisture control.

No show briefs

No show briefs

Men all over the world have become more and more conscious about the clothing that they wear, and instead of purchasing items right off the rack that fit poorly they are beginning to invest in close-fitting (and in some cases, tailored) options.

This has resulted in slimmer pants and a lot of underwear lines showing up in an otherwise calm, cool, and collected outfit – making you look a little bit silly. No show briefs guarantee that you get the performance from underwear that you are looking for without any of those unsightly wardrobe malfunctions.

The man thong

The man thong

The last of the latest men underwear styles we want to touch on is that the “man thong”, which has been in existence for some time but probably isn’t quite as popular with the men as it is with the ladies. However, some men rant and rave about the level of comfort that they get out of these kinds of products, and as far as underwear lines are concerned the only way you’re going to get a cleaner and smoother look than no show briefs is to go with a man thong!

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