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These Hot Men in Bikinis Redefines Sexy

Posted by Dude Undies on

In a world dominated by briefs, boxers, boxer briefs and men shorts, fewer men go for bikinis. Swim bikinis are dead, claims one blog I stumbled upon. Saying that it only lives in the drawers of gay and bi men.

As harsh as the blog can get, I cannot help but wonder where this homophobic blogger extracts his material as I ponder upon the thought of men in bikinis.

I wouldn’t be surprised to find a few pairs of bikini on Channing Tatum’s underwear drawer or men like him. But is it really that difficult to find a dude who would choose a men’s bikini over much more conventional underwear?

Furthermore, is men’s bikini a taboo fashion?

Pablo, 23 years old, data analyst for Acquire Tech Inc. dares to challenge your conventional belief about men in bikinis. He says, “I wear a bikini for work. I love the cut and how comfortable it is.” I then followe up asking, “But would you wear a bikini when going on a date?” His witty answer was:

“Of course, you see if the person I go out with finds me funny in bikinis, then that person would find me funny naked as well. And I don’t like those kinds of people.”

I left my inquisitions and thought of the idea with much more depth. There is truth to what Pablo says, underwear choice is quite personal and if your choices come across ridiculous and funny for the person you are sharing intimacy with, then it clearly says a lot. You are with a wrong person.

Here are some popular men in bikinis who flaunts their assets the right way:

Steve Grand

Singer and songwriter Steve Grand have no problem flaunting his bulges in a tight swim bikini. His body fails to disappoint as well. I mean just look at his perfect bulges from shoulders down! Swim bikinis like what Steve is wearing below is an all time favorite, interested in one? Click here. 

Luke Evans

 British actor Luke Evans leaves no doubt about himself when it comes to his body. The below picture is a candid shot of Luke just spending a day at the beach. His bulges of course gives our eyes something extra to imagine. This picture proves that you can be a "manly" man even when wearing a mens bikini. 

Zac Efron

The world jut can't get enough of Zac Efron being naked, in boxers, in tuxedo or whatever he wears. But of course we prefer he wears less. 

Not only a teen heartthrob, Zac gets both gay men and cougars on guard on almost anything sexy he does. 

This picture of him in speedos swim bikini redefines what men in bikinis really mean. 

Men in bikinis proves to still be the best way all of us wish to see a guy when they hit the beach. And the truth is, there is a growing consumer group of men who prefer bikinis as their underwear choice. 

Check out our wide collection of men's bikini here.

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