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Up Your Underwear Game: Men’s Lace Boxers

Posted by Dude Undies on

If you are up to winning the sexy game with your partner or someone special, you can seriously up your game with the breed of boxer briefs, men’s lace boxers. Yes! All sexes agree that laces are also great to cover your man parts. The fabric that was once only exclusive to female lingerie has crossed the boundaries and surprisingly accepted.

Men’s lace boxers are built to anatomically fit men, with pouches to ensure that your boy rests peacefully with proper ventilation, contrary to assumptions that it might be constricting. Men’s ladies underwear are built for support, durability and function.

Crossing Over Main Stream

Men’s lace boxers are striding its way into mainstream underwear fashion. While many people are still baffled about its acceptance in the “masculine” world. It is impossible to stop this crossover given that the increase in sales are surprising and availability in the mainstream market, malls, shops and boutiques are rapidly increasing.

What once was exclusive sold as a kinky and erotic line is definitely being accepted by the general public. What could be the reason behind this?

According to Andrew 26 year old marketing specialist based in London. “It depends what kind of men’s lace boxers.”

Indeed! The common assumption on men’s lace boxers still carries the idea that it will look ultra-feminine. Not really, while lace may be the fabric, the built is different. Unless of course those men’s lace underwear built for the “kinks” purpose - which tells a completely different story.

For example the following:

While some are not into laces may still argue that those cannot be worn outside the idea of kinks – that actually depends on the person who wears it.

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