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​What Do Girls Really Like: Boxers or Briefs?

Posted by Dude Undies on

The world of underwear fanatics and enthusiasts is politically divided into voting which one is most preferred by women. Boxers and briefs both hold their own lengthy list of pros and cons. Given the iconic change in men’s underwear designs and built, even the rise of boxer briefs , did not settle the long argument whether what is it that girls really prefer.

The truth of the matter is, most girls prefer men who have good taste, whether it is a boxer or a brief they discover as your last line of defense. In reality, both can be hot, depending on the girl of course, but if you ask us at Dude Undies, nothing beats briefs and boxer briefs when it comes to delivering trendy and erotic types of underwear that can leave even a longtime boxers lover drop their argument.

A decade ago, a glimpse of a man’s underwear is thought to be disgusting. Today, we have come a long way and it is very noticeable the underwear is part of the whole ensemble, whether for formal occasions or daily wear. In fact, fashion-wise, some jeans and trousers are built to show off a bit of the undergarment.

Beyond sexual symbolism of underwear, it is definitely okay to keep up with the trends, whether you have that gym body or comfortable in your shape, showing off a bit of a waistband can do wonders in your confidence and (ehem!) sex life.

So, let us go to the perennial question, Do girls prefer boxers or briefs?

Being a serious blogger, I don’t want to just make up the answers so I took the initiative to go through my contact list in social media and ask a few of my girl friends. Most of them knew I take my job seriously and I expect they give me definite answers. I took a sample population of 50 most of which are Americans and some Europeans and Asians.

Boxers vs. Briefs

29 out of 50 women in my list answered, they prefer men in boxers. Surprisingly though there are about 13 out of 29 the who holds a “but…” together with the answer. The “but” is about – endowment. If the guy is relatively well endowed, boxers are okay as it can totally look erotic seeing “the big boy” eager under the material. However, they that boxers can look very frustrating for men who are underendowed.

So it got me thinking, are bulges are truly important for women as well? This may be similar to men checking out the size of women’s chest area.

In other words, if you want to look totally impressive, go for bulge enhancing boxer briefs, this can flatter fans on both corners of the argument.

21 women in my list says they do prefer briefs. One word that keeps getting repeated in their answers are, it’s just too sexy. Briefs are truly sexy and seems to offer more room for expressing fashion and boast the bulge at the same time.

Alright, is it all about the bulge. Apparently so, it is for most women in “confidential survey.” One might argue about what type of friends do I have. I understand but I am talking about a rather broad spectrum of women here, from sexy housewives to corporate Doms! Okay, give me a minute to laugh.

Moving on, in terms of sexy, trendy and no doubt daring. Briefs offer a wider range of choices.

Myth: Briefs and Fertility

There seems to be a discussion about this along with so many myths that revolves around men’s underwear. One that seems perennial is that boxers are more fertility-friendly. Alright, it does provide enough air circulation going on. But be reminded that ventilation is also relative to the type of trousers you wear. So, don’t just blame the heat on briefs.

Moreover, there are thousands of briefs made with breathable fabric that actually provides better thermal protection for the testes beyond what boxers can provide. Furthermore, there is not enough data from scientific research that backs this myth.


Girls are as diverse as the types of men’s underwear in the market. Go with what you are comfortable with. Boxers and briefs are okay, as long as they suit your lifestyle and of course, appropriate for your outfit.

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