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What Does Your Underwear Say About You?

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What Does Your Underwear Say About You?

Believe it or not, women (a lot of men) leave that you can tell a tremendous amount about someone’s personality just by looking closely at the underwear that they wear on a regular basis.

Okay, maybe not physically looking closely at the underwear that they wear a regular basis (after all, that’s a mixed bag that you just might not ever want to peek into), but there is something to be had about breaking down the kind of underwear that men like to use on the daily.

If you’ve always wondered exactly what your underwear says about you, or even more importantly what it DOESN’T say about you, make sure that you check out the “inside information” below!

It’s not just about the style that says a lot about who you are

Before we dive headfirst into what the specific styles of underwear out there say about your personality, and some of that stuff gets pretty revealing, it’s important to understand that it’s not just the style that comments on who you are as a man but a number of other factors as well.

For instance, a man that wears brand-new underwear (or next to brand-new underwear) every single time out is probably someone that pays close attention to the details and has a very strict sense of responsibility, dedication, and maybe even issues with controlling behavior.

On the flipside, a man that wears underwear that is two or three threads away from falling apart completely is probably someone that is comfortable with who they are, where they are in life, and is more about the adventure or the ride then micromanaging details – but they may not be as responsible in the long run!

Obviously, those are slight generalizations – but you’d be surprised at just how often they line right up.

Now let’s dive into the different styles out there!

So you’re wearing briefs?

Briefed guys usually get a bit of a bad rap, mostly because they’re seen as uptight, very controlling, and not exactly the kind of fellow that lets their hair down after the whistle blows at work.

These gents are usually a little bit on the more conservative and classic side of the fence, looking for structure, control, and a routine that they aren’t able to deviate from.

Or are you more a boxer kind of guy?

Boxer guys, on the other hand, other kinds of guys that are all about letting it hang loose (in more ways than one). Casual, open, and without a hint of self-consciousness, if you are comfortable with a pair of boxers on every single day you’ve got (almost) nothing to hide!

Stuck in the middle with boxer briefs?

Boxer brief guys are the kinds of fellows that are a little bit on the fence between both styles above – a guy that knows how to get work done, lean on their discipline when necessary, but also that it’s important to breathe in every single drop of life possible.

The kind of guys that want a secure area for their valuables but also want to be able to get a bit of flex in here and there, boxer briefs are a pretty happy medium.

Maybe you’re a little bit more of a wild man with some of these crazier options

On the outside of things, you have the kind of guy that is comfortable in just about any situation – as you can tell by the wild and crazy style of underwear that they are rocking.

When you come across a guy in novelty drawers, a man thong, a banana hammock, or just snogging into his shorts or pants with nothing more than what the good Lord graced him with (the commando look), you know that you are dealing with a bit of a wild card.

Usually the life of the party as well as the least reliable person in the pack, things usually get a little bit tricky – and a lot of fun – when these kinds of guys are around!

At the end of the day…

What this all boils down to is that your underwear says a tremendous amount about who you are without you even thinking about it. Not only should you give a little bit of consideration to the underwear that you are using just for comfort sake, but you should also think of what it says to those that see you in your underwear as well!

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