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​Why and When Should a Man Consider a Jockstrap?

Posted by Dude Undies on

Jockstraps are sexy. I wish I can end this article with just one sentence. Sadly, there are a lot to be said not only in defense of the jockstraps but in the whole sense of men wearing sexy underwear.

When I do my underwear research and writing, I try my best to hide from the watchful eyes of people I currently live with. Most women I know and co-exist with do not fully understand the everything from the erotic underwear to sexy briefs. It would be too much to say that they belong to that that group underdeveloped sexuality, but yes, I often dare say it, even to their faces.

Jockstraps have gone a long way, from a required sports undergarment in extreme sports, jockstraps are now marketed as a sexy men’s underwear. Which, I think is not bad at all. But of course we cannot demystify the mental programming of other people who are not open for wearing or looking at someone wearing a jockstrap.

So again, I asked my 50 ladies who are ever ready to answer my musings and questions. I only asked one thing this time, “How would you feel if your guy prefers wearing jockstraps as a daily wear?”

A whopping 38 out of the 50 answered, “That’s hot (sexy)!” and 12 thought “it’s a bit gay.”

So, let us forget the 12 and bury their homosexual comment at the recycle bin of our heads about the underwear and move on with our lives. I can say from my sample population that majority of women does enjoy a man with a sexual, playful mind and takes it seriously up to his underwear choice.

Women love buns too! A man who have the guts to make his girl erotically enticed with his buns is the modern Alpha. That is if you ask me. Bonus! Jockstraps are also designed with bulge enhancements most of the time if they are not made of lace and mesh materials. That means you make your viewer happy from the front to the rear. What is wrong with that?

The “Gay” Stigma of Jockstraps

It may have been because of jockstraps being iconized a “bottoms” choice of undergarment in adult gay films or simply because of the rear being open may have been where the stigma came from. But in all seriousness, jockstraps must be first thought of as an athletic undergarment more than “gay and erotic.” But I rest my case and admit that I don’t hold an understanding of the mindset of the entire human race. But I am quite comfortable with mine.

For me and majority of the women I know, some even married and with children, we do find jockstraps as one of the ultimate “sex-god-turning” undergarment you could ever find in the market to impress your partner once in a while.

When Should a Man Wear a Jockstrap?

Every day if he needs additional support. Men who are well endowed must wear it to keep their baby boys in place. Jockstraps that are designed for daily active wear are best at providing support and “proper” enhancement to make sure that your boys stay in place even in the tightest fitting jeans.

On the other hand, should you wish to fulfill your partner’s fantasies by showing your bulge accompanied by the rear that you have been working hard to keep well rounded. Please wear jockstraps and you will never go wrong. 

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About the Author

I am Pat, I write some articles for Dude Undies. I write, I paint and I love to have fun. I express what I feel like expressing and it did get me into a lot of trouble in the past. I like talking about many things in life, recently been more open to expressing how I understood sexuality from years of being a party girl. Yes I have retired from being a party girl, but my sensuality live on forever. Thanks to Dude Undies for the opportunity to write and publish this post.

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