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​Why Men Are Switching to Briefs and Boxer Briefs?

Posted by Dude Undies on

Is it comfort or fashion?

The decline in sales of boxer shorts globally is raising a few questions in the fashion industry. Are men switching from boxer short to boxer briefs because of comfort and support or just to keep up with trends?

Dude Undies would like to dive deeper into the subject and so we asked 25 men coming from different walks of life and ages between 19 – 45 what type of underwear they prefer and if they attempted to switch from one type to another. If they did, what motivated them to do so. 

Sounds serious? Well yes! We are putting so much seriousness into this article (winks).

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Of course, we understand that boxer shorts are the great standby type of underwear in every man’s underwear closet, but did you know that only 24 out of 45 men would swear on the comfort of boxer shorts. Surprising, we thought this classic underwear will never lose its pull among men.

Bradley, 26, senior web developer says that even though he doesn’t move much due to the nature of his job, he just couldn’t feel comfortable with boxer shorts at work. He likes the environment down there well wrapped in place. But he says that he pays close attention to the fabric and because he doesn’t want to suffocate his package.

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This is interesting. Boxer briefs and briefs are now made from breathable cotton or mix of other materials making it very comfortable. If it is the “roomy space” – boxer briefs and briefs are now built with pouches designed to fit any type of endowment. Which does make it more interesting, convenient and appealing.

Benjamin 33, teacher, on the other hand is part of the 24 men who would swear on the comfort of boxer shorts. He says he isn’t comfortable with the briefs unless he is going to go to the gym.

In short, there are still men out there who likes the feeling of being hanging free down there unless the activity demands for support. And also, why is the idea of jockstraps so alien when going to the gym or doing something sport? But that is a topic reserved in the future.

There are 20 men who have switched from good old boxer shorts to boxer briefs or brief and they all have the same opinion. Today, pants are designed differently and some are tight fitting, to keep up with the fashion trends of course also means keeping up with the type of underwear that goes with the pants.

But all the men who switched aren’t going back, 5 men even thought its healthier because boxer briefs doesn’t seem to strain the nerves and veins as the testes hangs loose.

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