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Why Most Men Keep Their Underwear for 7 Years and Why You Shouldn’t

Posted by Dude Undies on

Have you ever bought underwear with an expiration date? Nobody here at Dude Undies has, and we assume you haven’t either. So, we think it should be your decision when to throw your underwear away. But we agree that it’s a bad idea to dispose of your underwear only when they look like a rabid cat had its way with them, as KPNX reporter Kevin Kennedy  revealed men do.

Most Men Can’t Seem to Let Go of Their Underwear

An English survey found that guys usually keep their underwear for 7 years, Kennedy reported late in April last year.

We’re no experts in the durability of men’s underwear but we believe there’s no underwear that could stay in good condition for that long. Even the most expensive undies out there is no match for the prolonged rubbing and stretching it will go through if kept for such a length of time.

Why Men Keep Their Underwear for Several Years

Why do men hang on to their underwear for so long? Well, generally speaking, we’re lazy.

For example, some of the men who were surveyed were so unwilling to shop for their own underwear regularly that they would rather wait for theirs to fall apart before buying new ones.

Some men think it’s a pain to go to the mall. Others are embarrassed to shop for underwear and will do so only when necessary. Whatever your reason for holding on to your underwear for many years, you should start shopping regularly for new ones soon if you care for your well-being.

How Often Should You Replace Your Underwear and Why You Should Do So

It’s easier than you think. You could buy new underwear at least once a year . It can’t get easier than that. You could do it on your birthday or on Christmas.

If you still can’t be bothered to shop for new underwear before the New Year rolls in, consider these reasons why you should.

1)You’ll always feel clean, fresh, and well. Even if you take a bath every day, you’d still be dirty if you don’t buy new underwear regularly.

Your underwear is home to germs. They’re always in close contact with both of your privates, which are virtual habitats of bacteria. The side of the groin and the top fold of the bum are parts of the human body where bacteria love to live.

Like a kitchen sponge, your underwear is going to be contaminated with germs and there’s nothing you could do to clean them. This is why over time clothes tend to discolor or become smelly. If you’d keep your old underwear even if they’re soiled, you could get an infection by wearing them.

2)You’ll stay comfortable. If you keep your underwear longer than you should, they will become loose, thin, or rough no matter how much you take care of them.

3)It keeps things interesting in the bedroom. There’s nothing you could do that will make you look less attractive than wearing old, saggy, ratty, faded, or smelly underwear.

4)You’ll appear responsible. Buying yourself new underwear might not be a big deal to you but it will be to your partner. If you take care of yourself, others can depend on you to take care of them. One of the best ways you could learn how to take care of others is taking care of yourself.

5) You’ll be well informed of the latest trends. A new trend in underwear for men occurs virtually every month. There’s no better way to know it than going out and checking it out. If you don’t shop regularly, how will you know what’s in and what’s not? You don’t want to be left out, do you?

To Wrap Things Up

It may be macho to hang on to your underwear for as long as you want but you’ll be doing yourself more harm than good.

Is it really worth putting your comfort, health, sex appeal, and reputation at risk to affirm your manliness? When there’s so much to gain by doing something as simple as shopping for your own underwear regularly, we don’t think so and neither should you.

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